Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am Nasith.
As the Ferran Il'thane I am the keeper of our people's history. We live high in the mountains to the north of Allorn. Our culture might seem fragile, but our nature is resilient and our warriors are fierce. Some among us have talents that give us an advantage as hunters. Don't ever underestimate the courage or determination of the Ferran clans. We survive where others seldom venture.

My journey begins in the Autumn when I leave my home to travel toward Sharyac's Tor. The Council of Mages has called a meeting of Alliance leaders. I will represent the Ferran.

Travelling under the protection of Council rangers, there seems no danger apart from the occasional presence of Tarack scouts. These giant ants are causing concern across the country. Five nations will combined their forces to drive these creatures from our lands. So far they have only been seen rarely north of the Castilian River. As the cold weather sets in the creatures appear to be returning to their nest.

My companion is a hawk called Teale. Through her eyes I can see the world from a different perspective. She allows me to share her vision and keeps me out of danger.        

The three council rangers who ride with me speak at length of a strange young man, Caleath, a stranger to our shores.
One of the rangers, is obsessed with killing this man. I don't understand his reasoning. They both hail from the same world, a distant homeland on a planet far away. Strange talk, strange times. Leaving the mountains of my home without an escort of my own clansmen seems more perilous as each day dawns and winter draws closer.
You can read my story in Book One of The Chronicles of Caleath, EXILED: Autumn's Peril... in September 2011
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Wendy said...

This is a lovely idea and beautiful photoa. A lovely Companion blog to Caleath's Book 1.

Lin said...

It's brilliant! I love the depth of the pictures you chose. Your wording is breathtaking. Excellent posting, Rosalie.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Thanks Wendy and Lin,
So much fun. Having great photos makes it inspiring to work on my blog.
I could get carried away.
Thanks again to Fotolia.com for their support and huge library of photos.