Friday, January 20, 2012

The Symbolism behind Alchemist and the Unhewn Stone.. revealed.

 Heather Haven's blog, 'This and That' has hosted Wendy Laharnar as she discusses the symbolism behind her award winning YA novel the UNHEWN STONE

Welcome Wendy Laharnar author of Unhewn Stone

There is a lot of information offered. Learning about the Alchemist and the details of ancient wisdom is brilliant. I love how fact and fiction tie in together.
This interview demonstrates to those who are not writers, just how thorough an author's research and intimate knowledge of their subject has to be, before they put pen to paper.
At any time, even in writing 'Fantasy' an author who is serious about their craft will admit that gathering the knowledge and doing the research behind their work, probably took a lifetime to collect.
Just putting the words together in a story can take years... what goes into the background takes a lifetime.

It is no wonder The Unhewn Stone has won readers around the world. It is the sort of Young Adult book both young readers and adults will keep coming back to. Each re read brings out more from this fascinating story.

Also, showing her multi genre talent, Wendy has a science fiction short story out now...
Happiness Guaranteed. Five star ranking from this reader!!

Coming soon is Wendy Laharnar's YA novel, Billy the Bonsai Bull. Another great story, in a different genre. Don't miss this one!! Look for it in February from Museitup Publishing.

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