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Proudly Paranormal Blog hop Introduces TALLOWBRAND...

 Welcome to 
'The Chronicles of Caleath'
Lady Rosalie's paranormal post.

Rosalie is celebrating the release of Book Four in the Chronicles of Caleath! Friday MARCH 16th  2012... 
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 My name is Tallowbrand. Many years ago, too many for mortals to count, I inspired dread with my wizardly powers.

These were curtailed by one of my acolytes, Azriel. The she devil tricked me.

Now I am trapped within Dragonslair Island, waiting for the Deathbringer to free me.

Being trapped for a millenia gives me time to chat. So, settle back, what can I tell you about?

Ahh, the Chronicles of Caleath... A mix of science fiction and fantasy, dragons, shapechangers, magic,  swords, tallships, starships, and swashbuckling adventure.

I beg your pardon... you would like to meet a few of the characters?

Very well.. don't say I didn't warn you.

You have already met Caleath, surely. He's on the covers of the books. Don't get me started. He already has enough of a fan club.

Where's mine? I could tell you more interesting tales... I have been around far longer and through darker times... Let me tell you about the time I...

What? Merkaat, greatest of all dragons, what are you implying? Tsk tsk... of course these good people want to hear about my life. Why wouldn't they?

You? What are you suggesting? 
Since you are able to make my life most unpleasant, I will aquiese to your suggestion.

Merkaat, now the magificent creature you see depicted in these feeble sketches, once faced my nemesis Azriel too. The dragon, then only a hatchling, was cruelly blinded by the witch. 

Azriel's lust for power drove her to  betray her mentor.  Me.
Frustrated by my refusal to succumb to her beauty, passion, and talent, when she realised her magic could not  entrap me she turned to a more potent source.

 While humans and mages expended all their energies battling dragons,  the devious sorceress searched for a means to trap me. She discovered a means to use the curse of dragon's blood. Should an unsuspecting human have the vile stuff come into contact with their flesh, the victim is consumed by a lethal lust for dragon's gold. Unless protected by Lathraine's Pledge of course. Sadly the ring wasn't in my posession.

Azriel used the blood shed when Merkaat lost her eyes for the dastardly purpose of ruining me. After battling and defeating the dragon lord Sharyac in those dragon wars, I succumbed to her evil scheme.

 Hence I became the long term resident of Dragonlair Island. I have lived in more comfortable places. Let me assure you. spectral locations could be worse.

Hmm. No.. I can feel my tongue turning black. I yearn for my freedom.

Even the shades of deceased dread lords have pride. 
Being cooped up here among the brimestone, gold and dragon sorcery is torture. 
After a thousand wretched years I made a  plea to the local diety, the One. I swore to serve the Deathbringer, if one would come and free me from this accursed prison.

Too often heroes arrive, only to fall prey to the dragon lord's warped magic, their accursed gold or their displays of power. I cannot give up hope. One day he will arrive and I will enjoy a new lease on freedom.

The Deathbringer can't get here soon enough for me.

 If you share Tallowbrand's impatience, don't despair. You can find out how he fares in the Chronicles of Caleath. 
Book Four is available on March 16th from Museitup Publishing. If you haven't yet enjoyed the previous books, visit

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your choice of the released ebooks in the Chronicles of Caleath.  

Look for Books Five through to Eight.. the new adventures...coming very soon From Museitup Publishing...  
 Here is an unedited extract from Book Eight, ADRIFT: The Fragile Sun...where Caleath faces a few paranormal entities hungry for his blood. Enjoy...

Around him, the cavern pulsed with a steady heartbeat. Ground tremors shook the floor and settled the balance of gold displaced by his footsteps. Caleath rose into a crouch, holding the dark blade before him. Eyes adjusted to fading light but couldn’t focus on the weapon in his hands. He didn’t have time to think about the anomaly. 

From every handbreadth of wall, roof, and floor strange creatures emerged. Caleath lifted the sword as he spun to watch the fiends’ arrival. The light vanished. Only senses tweaked by Lathraine’s Pledge showed his attackers. Fangs dripped with saliva. Claws clattered on stone while collective breathing, yammering, and yowling froze the marrow in his bones.

He stepped to one side. The tapering pillars, he now recognized as the ribs of a giant dragon. The sword he removed would have pierced the creature’s heart, had there been one. Now the ribs formed a cage around him and he needed room to move.

The return of mage power gave him hope. Stepping clear of the ribcage he kept his back to a pillar as the first scurrying daemons attacked.

“Tallowbrand! Merkaat, Dashveer!” His voice echoed in the cavern. For less than a heartbeat, the horde hesitated, before they charged with renewed vigor. Caleath’s blade swung, the dark steel pulsed with life as he severed limbs and battered the smaller creatures. “Tallowbrand!” 

A collection of kobolds, harpies, ogres, and trolls closed in on him. More dead than alive, as individuals they weren’t hard to dispatch, but in the numbers they commanded Caleath failed to swing his blade fast enough to prevent their teeth and claws raking flesh.

“Merkaat, Tallowbrand, anyone…I could do with some help here!”
Before he finished speaking, Caleath regretted his plea. An answer rose from within him.

You could get to meet Nic Brown author of A Grave St Patrick's Day (Horror Fantasy) and perhaps Peter Gigilo, author of Balance (Horror)... Also on the guest list are Kim Baccellia,   YA adventure with 'Earrings of Ixtumea'
and Cheryl B. Dale with the romance suspense "The Man in the Boat". If you dare mingle with zombies, mysterious strangers, ancient cultures, sorcerers and dragons...


Thanks for joining us today.
Drop in to the Museitup Blog on the 27th March for more information regarding The Battle of Enderseer Hold's paranormal entities.

PHOTOS Courtesy of FOTOLIA.COM and all photos from the EXILED photoshoot are copyright to RACHEL LEWIS PHOTOGRAPHY. Thanks to Matt Bryant for becoming Caleath. :)


Rosalie Skinner said...

The book launch blog party is hotting up.. likely guests include several other Muse authors with books released on 16th.

For certain, the author of 'The Man in a Boat' Cheryl B Dale will be there. This romantic suspense adventure looks set to be as good as they come. Page turning tension.

'Earrings of Ixtumea' by Kim Baccellia is also released today and for those who love Paranormal, this is another for your 'to read' list. YA adventure. Kim will be there with glowing earrings!

For those daring readers who are braver than yours truly, we hope the authors of 'Balance'..Peter Giglio and Nic Brown, author of
'A Grave St Patrick's Day' will drop in.

Can I hope they don't bring the undead with them. Leprechauns who bring the dead back to life aren't exactly my cup of tea.

What's wrong with a simple pot of gold? I will have to ask Nic if he turns up alive.

'Balance' just sounds scary. Snowstorms and being seperated by 650 miles of zombie infested countryside. What a premise...

These are books to be read with the lights on. If you dare.
They are sure to add life to the party.. hmm.. Is that a bad choice of words?
Come on along and find out for yourself.

booklover0226 said...

Hi, Rosalie.

You're a new author for me but not for long. This series sounds like an exciting read and I look forward in starting it.

I'm adding all available and future books to my must have list.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Tracey D, Great to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to drop in. Glad you liked the post. :)
I hope you enjoy Caleath's adventures.

Edith Parzefall said...

Hi Rosalie!

I'm excited to hear that book four in the Chronicles of Caleath is about to be released. I loved the first three books. Should be fun to see more of grumpy Tallowbrand. Maybe he'll loosen up when he's set free. Or maybe not?



Hillary said...

Books look really neat. Thanks for the chance to win and for the bloghop!


Liv said...

Ooh, cool! Interesting story, and I love the pics that go along with it. Congrats on the release.

Marsha A. Moore said...

Love this series! Good luck with book 4.

diannehartsock said...

Great post, Rosalie, and this series is amazing! Loved the peek at Book Eight. :)

Savannah Chase said...

I'm new to your work and it is nice to meet you..Fantastic blog..I wish you all the best with your writing..

Rosalie Skinner said...

Welcome to the blog hop!
Edith, Tallowbrand grumpy.. hmm. :)
Hillary, Thanks for dropping in. Glad you enjoyed your stay. Good luck with the draw.

Liv, Hi, The photos are so much fun. was generous enough to give me a month's subscription, when they came across Exiled: Autumn's Peril... and the photoshoot with Rachel Lewis and Matt Bryant.. hmm.. He's done a great job portraying my hero. :)

Hi Marsha, Thanks for dropping in! Good luck is always welcome!

Dianne, I am glad you enjoyed the sneak peak... ;)

Savannah, Great to have you drop in.

It's wonderful to meet new people on this blog hop. It's been a great month so far. I look forward to each new post.

S.Durham said...

Hi Rosalie,

The Chronicles are still on my TBR list! Congratulations on the 4th book, wishing you
tons of success! I have to work or I'd be at the party, but have a glass of bubbly for me:)

Cheers, Sara

Rosalie Skinner said...

Good to see you! The party will span Friday on both sides of the globe. Maybe the time zones will allow you to drop in. The bubbly will be on ice just in case!!

M. L. Archer said...

Wow! Sounds like an excellent series! And what a good looking site! Best of luck with book 4!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Michelle,
I have to thank the team of people who created my website and helped create my blog page for the look of the blog.
It's awesome to have people who have read Exiled help with presentation. Their support means so much.
Thanks for dropping in.

Wendy said...

What an impressive post. You make your books come alive even before readers open the first page. The anticipation is there and you deliver the promises you offer. I wish you every uccess Rosalie with this wonderful series. Your readers are in for the best adventure ever

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Wendy, Thanks!!! Your support for the series is brilliant. I am looking forward to tomorrow's Book launch blog party. I hear all the authors are game to come and party with us. Should be fun.
Thanks for dropping in and for you enthusiasm. It is priceless.

Sky Purington said...

So sorry I'm a day late. This series sounds AMAZING! Love those covers. :-)

Adriana Ryan said...

Lookin' good, Rosalie!! :D This series is one I'm definitely going to be sinking my teeth into!

Alexandra Kane said...

Wow, what an inventive storyline! I can see how it could go on for eight books...the cover art is lovely by the way. Interesting post!

Alexandra Kane

Julianne said...

Hello Rosalie, I just found you! And from a blog hop, that's why I love doing them. I get to meet great new authors. I'm very interested in this series. Dragons oh my.. Thanks for sharing.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Sky, Don't worry about being late, with global time zones time is almost irrelevant. I am always early or late.
Thanks for dropping in.

Adriana, So glad you like the series. This blog hop has been terrific. I am discovering new books and authors each stop. My Kindle is filling fast.

Alexandra, Thanks for your enthusiasm. Eight books sounds like a lot... but they seemed to write themselves. I am glad you like the covers.

Julianne, Dragons.. yeah. Love them! So glad to meet you. Blog hops are a wonderful idea. Thanks for dropping in.

Hope to see you at the blook launch party.. the champagne is popping, no zombies yet, but we have a few guests mingling. :)

Katrina said...

This sounds awesome. Does anyone else have the situation where there are more books on your TBR shelf than on your read shelf? lol

oneagainst at hotmail dot com

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Katrina,
LOL.. yeah.. although my read list extends back many years. It will take a while to exceed it. Still.. each day on this blog hop has added to my TO READ list. It is getting longer. Now I need time to read. Thank goodness my Kindle holds lots of books.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Congratulations to Katrina, After putting all the comment names through
Your name came up! You have won a copy of Book one.. or your choice of one of the Chronicles. I will email you. Thanks for dropping in the proudly paranormal blog hop.