Monday, April 30, 2012


Exiled: Autumn's Peril delivered a story I couldn't put down. Once I became immersed in Caleath's world I found it extremely difficult to step away. The story is a combination of Science Fiction and Fantasy mixed in a way that intriques and captivates. Allowing for humanity's obsession with 'reality tv', the idea of manipulating a life in order to entertain a viewing audience doesn't seem so far fetched. I guess that's where we can identify with Caleath's angst. The effort he makes, to not only stay alive, but to retain his freedom while being constantly watched, makes compelling reading.
I am glad the next book is already available.
This series has become an instant favourite.
The writing style is delightful.
A realistic but medieval world creates the perfect backdrop for the rollercoaster ride. A clever twist to the genre and written with such clarity I can see it play out as if it is already a movie.
Recommended reading if you love epic Fantasy. Written with obvious care for the craft. Caleath is one character you will never forget.
Five Stars...

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