Friday, June 21, 2013

Byron Bay Writers' Festival... preparation and excitement grows.

"I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because grammar and writers festivals go hand in hand. Thank goodness I can avoid squinting modifiers, parallel pronouns and confused conjunctions. Grammarly helps make proofreading all clear as mud."

So, thanks to the wonderful support of 
I have been sponsored to attend
the Byron Bay Writers' Festival with two other group members.
It is even more thrilling to have supportive members of the group chip in with cost of accommodation.

Karolyn and I will be staying at the prestigious 
(we will let you know exactly how prestigious later) 

What we dream of...
Where we will be staying...
The program for the festival is packed with interesting talks, interviews and workshops. Already we have circled too many and will need to refine our timetable.

It will not only be attending talks to inspire and educate us, but the networking and fellowship being among like minded people will bring.

Of course after the rush of being there, our responsibility will lie in sharing what we enjoyed, learned, discovered and absorbed with our other group members and hopefully inspire them to attend next year.

We will also be attending a regional writers group meeting to discuss the possibility and agenda for a regional writers jamboree to be held in the near future. 

If you want to go green with envy, or grab a ticket and join us there!
Check out the lists of writers in attendance...  If you dare...

photo from Byron Bay Writers Festival Facebook

Off to pack warm clothes. Byron is famous for its rain and cookies. :)
August it should just be cold. Not too damp. Fingers crossed.


Wendy said...

Yes, I'm green with envy. My daughter attended the Writers Festival one year and said it was great.
My granddaughter stayed in Byron when appearing in the TV show, Farmer Wants a Wife and has spent holidays there. She loves it.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Wendy,
The program arrived in the post today. Goodness the list of authors and celebrities who are going to be there is amazing. It is going to be hard to decide which talks, workshops, events to attend.

I wish you were coming too. It would be lots of fun. Byron is a lovely area.