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The Chronicles of Caleath begin in

EXILED: Autumn's Peril.

The Albatross

The Albatross is hit by a violent storm and succumbs to Nature's fury in the Belliocose Sea.
Caleath's struggle begins, staying alive long enough to reach land.


He is washed ashore on the planet's southern contintent, Sharyac. 

Exhausted he collapses on the storm drenched beach.

He wakes to find himself in the company of an unfriendly wolf and a young man, a local lad called Gwilt.


Gwilt's yearning for adventure and travel amaze Caleath who yearns to return to his home world.

His hospitality though is vital for Caleath to recover from the shipwreck and days adrift at sea.
Caleath begins his journey toward the beacon that will see him able to leave the world of his Exile. 

He is aided on his quest by the horse Enigma.

Caleath meets Lachlan who has been riding with another 'alien' from Caleath's homeworld Rampart 6. Their meeting is cut short as Lachlan has already been delayed on a mission.

The Il'thane Nasith
The ranger has been sent to protect Nasith, the Ferran Il'thane as she rides to Sharyac's Tor. 

 Her companion hawk Teale, enables her to see from a bird's eye perspective.

The meeting at Sharyac's Tor is to discuss with Alliance leaders the threat from the Tarack. This species of giant ants is spreading terror across the south.

Teale in flight

With Tarack moving through the landscape, Nasith relies on Teal's ability to keep Lachlan and herself out of the ants' path.
The White Owl


On his journey south Caleath notices a while owl seems to show up at odd times.

 He sees the bird's freedom as an omen. But is her presence a 'good' omen?

Despite Caleath's determination, Death dogs his footsteps.

Assassins hunt him. 

The ghosts of drowned sailors haunt his nights.

All the while he longs to return to his homeworld of Rampart 6 and avenge his abduction.

The first instalment of Caleath's adventures are recorded in 
Exiled: Autumn's Peril, to be released by 
Museitup Publishing Inc 
in Sept 2011.

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