Friday, August 26, 2011

Balls of a Hairy Goat and Adder's Spit Launch Party Book and other Prizes

Exiled: Autumn's
Peril, Book one in the Chronicles
of Caleath - Rosalie Skinner Murder is a Family
Guilty Kisses Boys Upstairs
Becoming Nadia UNALIVE
Love Delivery Midnight Find
The Halloween Dino
Trip Grounds for Murder
Double The Trouble
The Heart's Lone
Odessa - Rebecca
Russell Fallon O'Reilly and
The Ice Queen's Lair - Debra K
Dunlop DRIVEN - Shellie


Mouse Pad
Tote Bag

T shirt,
(ladies size large)
Mousepad Tote bag

In the 1820s a convicted man is not considered a suitable husband for the daughter of a wealthy property owner.

A convicted man is not considered suitable husband material for the daughter of a wealthy property owner, even in the prospering colony of New South Wales in the early nineteenth century where class and caste mingle. Remy meets and falls in love with Sara, but their love is threatened even before it’s had time to flourish. Sara’s father considers convicts the scum of the earth, regardless of their crime.
After an unfortunate episode, Remy must flee from all he cherishes and Sara is forced into a loveless marriage by her hateful father. She despairs of ever seeing her love again, while Remy faces overwhelming odds and an ordeal that threatens to strip him of everything; his pride, his strength, his health—even his life. Remy is flogged and suffers sickness, injury and humiliation when he is sent north to Moreton Bay, a penal settlement where pain and suffering are everyday occurrences.
Will the lovers ever find the happiness they crave?

Just because a man cheats on his wife and makes Danny DeVito look tall, dark and handsome, is that any reason to kill him? The reluctant and quirky PI, Lee Alvarez doesn't think so. But the 34-year old ½ Latina, ½ WASP and 100% detective has her work cut out for her when the man is murdered on her watch. Of all the nerve. Set in the present, Murder is a Family Business is the first in a series of humorous mysteries revolving around Lee Alvarez, a combination of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone and Janet Evanovitch’ Stephanie Plum, and rest of the Alvarez Family, detectives all. Seemingly light and frothy on the surface, the novel nevertheless explores familial love, the good, the bad and the annoying.

Completing the family is Lee’s Never-Had-A-Bad-Hair-Day aristocratic mother, Lila; computer genius brother, Richard; beloved uncle “Tio;” and her energetic orange and white cat, Tugger. When this group is not solving murders, they run Discretionary Inquiries, a successful Silicon Valley agency that normally deals with the theft of computer software. The love, humor and camaraderie shared within this family are what set this series apart from others.

When Lady Cassandra is visited by a thief in the dark of night, she finds her body awakened in a way that her husband's touch has never stirred her desires.
However there are consequences for even a brief stolen night of passion that leave Cassie in dire straights. She turns to the only one she thinks can help her...but will he come before it is too late?
Comte Cohen Ashton's mission is to retrieve a priceless artifact and return it to its former country of origin. He doesn't expect to have his heart stolen by his sworn enemy's lovely young wife or to discover a treasure of his own making that is more valuable than any other.
In the midst of a war between England and France, Cohen must save them both from their folly and Cassie must forgive herself her own sins. Can they prevail or will their fates be sealed by guilty kisses?


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Hi there Hotcha12, don't let that worry you!!! Would be great to see you anyhow!! Just for leaving a comment and helping us celebrate at Wendy L's blog someone will have the chance to win a copy of Exiled: Autumn's Peril.
Hope to see you there!!