Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Router and Wireless Thingy purchased... now we are getting serious...

So today I dragged my daughter and grandkids to the shops and bought things I don't understand, but apparently are essential to my  being able to update my website.

Where would I be without the support and help from my wonderful family and friends. Without Mick Pollock and Tim StClair and of course Trish... I would be  without a website to show off and still computer illiterate.

Don't comment on that. OK.

Update... 12 hours later...

And the fun continues... after hours spent on the phone to the internet server, trying to make the new thingys work.. while the grandkids do their best to create mayhem... and succeed. They succeed where the thingy's failed.
We were sold a lemon. Not a literal piece of fruit, that would eventually turn to a pile of mould. But a lump of plastic, wires and solder that is about as useful.
Tomorrow it's back to the store and see what can be done!!!

Best laid plans and all that...

Thanks to Trish.. who spent her precious 'one child being babysat' time, labouring over the rotten connections.
Oh to understand some of what is needed to save others the stress of trying to make my life easier as a website owner. Nothing in life is easy.

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