Friday, October 14, 2011

First Review for Exiled: Winter's Curse from Edith Parzefall

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Review: Rosalie Skinner – Exiled: Winter’s Curse

The second book in Caleath’s Chronicles is out now. I devoured it in no time. The story continues where Autumn’s Peril left off. Rosalie Skinner skillfully weaves in back story to fill in new readers and remind ‘old’ ones of what happened before while the new adventure unfolds–without a moment of boredom.

Her witty sense of irony brightens the dark cold atmosphere of this wintery challenge. While Caleath gets side-tracked and burdened with followers who depend on him, the danger of giant ants destroying the world he’s been stranded in keeps growing. New characters add conflict, tension, humor and charm. I’m still fascinated with the combination of of science fiction and an archaic world of mages, dragons, and semi-divine Vergöttern.

Find out more about Caleath’s Cronicles at Rosalie Skinner’s website or Wendy Laharnar’s Blog. She once again hosted the release party.

Thank you Edith!!!

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Wendy said...

Congratulations Rosalie, that's a lovely review and recommendation from Edith