Sunday, June 17, 2012


Taking a break from go WHALE WATCHING

Editing is great fun. I love it. Still.. it can become a little tiresome. So, when a phone call offered a morning whale watching, there was no question of not going.

The ocean treated us to a perfect day boating. The whales there were in abundance .

The Cougar Cat 12 Fishing Carter crew were terrific and the boat was a perfect venue for watching the whales play.

So, after a few hours of pleasure, watching whales, time with the grand kids and family, soaking up sunshine, being lulled by the action of the waves, having the cobwebs sufficiently windswept to no longer be a problem... I am back to editing.
Is this a perfect day?
It is in my book.

top pic is from but the  bottom breech is a local whale.

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