Monday, September 17, 2012

Strays of Rio is a FIVE STAR ‘must read’ thriller

From the first page the tension begins to wind up. The gritty, gutsy heroine Lisa Kerry has a dark past of her own. Now she offers a better future to a group of kids making their way through life on the streets of Rio. She isn’t to know the offer draws each of the group into the sights of a deadly adversary.

Strays of Rio explores the line between right and wrong, with realistic emotions, experiences, drama. Without dwelling on the tragedy  of life on the streets, Strays of Rio involves the reader in an uplifting look at how a simple act of charity can improve life. Living with choices though, takes determination. Caught in a war between drug lords and corrupt police, Lisa and her courageous collection of strays find survival calls for desperate measures.

Strays of Rio is tightly written. Edith Parzefall takes us to Rio, where we become immersed in the beauty and the danger of everyday life. The characters each bring to the intriguing plot their own problems, backgrounds and goals. Once the scene is set, Parzefall’s novel accelerates to an edge of the seat ride.

My advice is to grab a copy now, set it aside until you have a few hours because once you enter the streets where Strays of Rio takes place, you are not going to be able to put this one down. Don’t expect to emerge unscathed, Strays of Rio will leave you thinking. The sign of a great story.

To be released on the International Day of Peace, it is fitting that Strays of Rio explores the characters’ desperate attempts to provide themselves with a peaceful future.

Strays of Rio is set in a world we know exists but would rather forget as we go about our safe and secure lives. Edith Parzefall delivers a well researched story that is guaranteed to satisfy and impress.
I was given a pre release copy for review. How lucky am I? :)


ediFanoB said...

An excellent review Rosalie!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Thanks Edi! Coming from you that means a lot! You are an extraordinary reviewer.
Thanks for dropping in. :)