Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11 and UNDERGROUND: The Day of the Sun-

 Today is September 11th 2012
Eleven years after that fateful day in the USA when the world changed in a few short hours.

The sixth book in the 
Chronicles of Caleath 

The Day of the Sun

was written around that time.

The action in Underground takes place straight after the last moments of 
INVADED: The Darkest Day.

At present I am waiting for edits to arrive and in preparation I am going through the manuscript one last time. To double check on content issues. 

Caleath's new adventure takes us into the world of conspiracy theories. 

Today is the September 11... eleven years ago I remember watching the Twin Towers fall.
Writing this chapter of Caleath's journey while those hours were still clear in my memory, made incorporating conspiracy theories a natural choice. 

In Autumn's Peril, the correlation with following the struggle of someone coping with chronic illness is clear to me, though I hope it does not spoil the story.

In The Day of the Sun, the conspiracies I already knew about and those I researched wound their way into Caleath's adventure.

The obvious conspiracy theory, the Hollow Earth  has been around for many years. There are other less obvious conspiracy theories, some courtesy of David Ike,  others come from browsing the internet, on who is controlling our planet. 

Writing Fantasy allows the author so much scope. Mixing Science Fiction with Fantasy means the boundaries are endless.

As Caleath continues his journey he is warned to leave well enough alone, but he wouldn't be our hero if he did that, now, would he?

As edits approach, and we again remember those dark days of September 11 2001 Caleath continues his own course toward destiny.
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Wendy said...

This is unnerving. I'm sure the tragedy in Underground, will play out in as stark and horrific manner as the New York tragedy. How timely your were writing this deep book at that time. Enjoy the editing process.