Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melbourne Cup.. the race that stops a Nation...

The excitement grows as the hour draws near.
No... not the American Presidential election... we are talking
Australia's "Race that Stops the Nation" the Melbourne Cup.

The bets are on. The media is alive with speculation...
Who will win 2012's Melbourne Cup?

Last year there was only a whisker between first and second. The winner, Dunaden will be back but carrying a heavier weight.

The fashions are as much a draw card as the race program. Although watching the pretty horses is fun, as an average Aussie non punter on 364 days of the year, the only bet I will be part of today is a simple sweepstake.

Still as the champagne flows and the horses run. I hope everyone has a lot of fun.

Good luck! Hope you have a great day where ever you are!

Now, back to editing, writing, reading and all those mundane tasks associated with being an author.

Oh to be saddling up to go for a ride on a day like today.

 Perfect weather.

Perhaps those memories will inspire my writing today. :)

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