Saturday, September 6, 2008

Review of Bloodstone Castle by Mirella Patzer

My Review of Bloodstone Castle by Mirella Patzer.

From the prologue, Mirella Patzer creates the atmosphere of 10th century Italy, with all the tension and emotion of childbirth. In the opening chapters we begin to understand the drama of life in those times. Death, marriage and family loyalty are themes that play a large part in this story.

Duke Amoro Dragone the handsome hero, is told that his father’s dying wish is for the feud between the house of Dragone and the house of Monterossa, to end. His father wishes for Amoro to marry Morena Monterossa the only daughter of the family who own Bloodstone Castle. That the two families have been feuding for three generations does not deter Amoro in his quest to win Morena’s love.

There is of course a fly in the ointment, or the story would be short and sweet. Before his death, Morena’s father promised her hand to Ernesto of Savona. Morena knows of this betrothal and would honour her father’s wishes. While reluctant to accept the advances of Amoro, Morena finds herself charmed and confused by his attention.

Should she follow her heart, or follow her father’s wishes? Is Ernesto’s claim valid? Or is he only after the treasure that legend says is buried beneath Bloodstone Castle.

With two father’s murdered both Amoro and Morena are intent on finding their killers. Amid a tempestuous romance, betrayal, murder, rape and torture, Mirella Patzer weaves a tale filled with intrigue, passion and power. Her characters search their souls for an answer to the predicament they find themselves in. Despite devotion, love and ultimate sacrifice will Destiny bring them together or will Ernesto’s original betrothal keep them apart? Bloodstone Castle explores the depth of passions and how they dictate behaviour. Passion, love and lust all play a part as this tale unfolds.

I would recommend Bloodstone Castle for anyone looking for a romantic trip back in time. Amoro’s loyalty binds him to his father’s dying wish, but he remains thoroughly heroic. Morena matures from a virtuous maid to a passionate woman who discovers her own mind and is not afraid to express her opinions. The villain is devious and dastardly enough to satisfy any reader.

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