Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What it takes to create a Good Fantasy Villain; Point Four

POINT 4) Creating Villains that readers love to hate can come from having them start out with good intentions. If their plans get out of control, or their ideas become too aggressive they can become the ‘bad guy’ even though their original goals were motivated by good intentions.

There are two villains from recent Batman and Spiderman movies who show these tendencies. In Spiderman the character of Dr Octopus began with wonderful intentions. His energy ideas were for the good of mankind, but things get out of hand and he becomes a lethal villain. Poison Ivy, one of the villains in Batman, started off being an environmental activist. She is seen as evil and mankind's enemy when her actions become destructive.

The idea that 'all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' is one adage that can be put to use when creating an evil nemesis for a Fantasy novel. Good intentions can be warped when things become too easy, or the power too heady for a character to control. Losing sight of the goal, having a character turn from good to evil, can create a great villain.

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