Monday, April 7, 2008

Chat room.. with Comic Chat

Isn't the internet incredible. In particular I mean the people who design, maintain and provide websites. They are amazing.

My website has the option of a chat room. A place I can be contacted, where I will recieve notification of guests and can meet and greet. That in itself is great, but how much fun is COMIC chat. Choosing or importing a avatar and a background is just awesome.

Now all I need is to be online when my friends are!! Although, even if I am not there, messages can be left. I think that's a grand idea.

Anyone who is interested in checking out a COMIC chat room... feel welcome to visit my website at , sign in on the Writer's showcase page and Open chat room. While you are there you might like to read some of the work on show, or even leave a sample of your own. If I am online, I would love to chat!

Like I said. Isn't the internet/website thing just wonderful!!