Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Bliss at EightySix.

It has been a busy year so far. This weekend for example is my mother's wedding day. Her third! At eighty six she is marrying a younger gentleman. He's eighty five. A retired eye doctor.
From a small ceremony the wedding has grown to include one hundred and five guests. It's great to celebrate life and friendship and love with so many, rather than having to gather for less happy occasions.
To begin wedded life for the third time seems to have brought a smile and a bounce to both bride and groom.
Our winter weather has even been warm enough to add a certain warmth to the celebration. If next Saturday is as perfect as today... It should be. We have certainly had enough rain for this year.
So, with only a week to go the organisation is becoming more frantic. I am looking forward to next week when it is all over and we can kick back and relax.
I am sure the day itself will be fun and memorable. A great reason to celebrate life and love and not being alone.
A real life romance as good as any novel. What do they say.. truth is stranger than fiction. :)