Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dorrigo Grass Roots Gathering...A Moment of Serenity

From Ridgetop Hideaway's Photo Gallery
After attending the inaugural Grass Roots Writers' Gathering I was inspired to write this short poem. The weekend was terrific. Spending time with other writers, sharing their ideas, enthusiasm and support proved a resounding success.
Coffs Harbour Writers Group is going to carry the baton and try to emulate Dorrigo Writers' Group's wonderful weekend next year.

It was wonderful to spend time with Wendy Laharnar, who I have been friends with for so many years 'online'. She travelled vast distances to be there and give of her time, experience and knowledge. Her first face to face workshop proved hugely successful and popular.

Overall... the weekend was inspiring.

A morning’s moment of serenity

Sitting in the centre of a cloud.

Rain falling

Slowly, softly, serenely soaking the scene

Greens fade to grey.

Visibility closes in.

A fox stops. Looks toward the sound of my intrusion.

I am in his domain.

He pauses, ears pricked, tail still. 

Sniffs, meanders across the rain soaked paddock

Sedate steps.

Scents rise from my coffee and toast overpowering the subtle offerings of sodden foliage.

Wind whispers a chorus behind the lilting lines of Phill’s laconic lyrics.

Languid smoke lingering from last night’s fire merges with cloud. 
A brief snatch of scent curls through the air.

Coffee cools. Time passes.

Packed ready to leave these few minutes allow a moment to reflect the whirlwind weekend.

Experiences etched into memory.
Words written, absorbed, shared and kept secret.
Relationships created, nurtured, renewed.
Knowledge imparted, gained, diffused.

Generous spirits. Like minded, passionate, positive, purposeful.

Support offered, received. 


The rain sets in, insistent.

It is time to return to life, normalcy.

Home beckons. 

Empty pages wait.