Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Sneak look at the cover for Book Eight

Still working on the formatting for publishing, but going with a new look.
It is wonderful to think the series will be complete and 'real' soon.
Wendy Laharnar has worked tirelessly to fix formatting errors and double check margins and remove 'section breaks' etc.
Phill worked his magic to create the cover and enable the continuity with the series.
I am just grateful to those who have waited so long and have been so supportive.
Thank you.


I have been busy preparing for the Grassroots weekend in May.
It looks like it should be a huge success. Great workshops and a chance to meet and get to know other writers. So many wonderful presenters giving their time and knowledge in a lovely environment.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


It is with great trepidation, excitement and gratitude that I am taking the reins and making the dream of having the series in print a reality.
With the help of Wendy Laharnar I have begun the epic task of making the six books not printed through Museitup Publishing into PRINT ready manuscripts.
Wendy has been tireless, helping ensure half a million words are spaced, formatted, edited, and reader ready.
When my hope was all  but dissolved Wendy kept fanning the dying embers.
Now the flames have returned and I can see a result to all the waiting and hoping.

At present we are still double checking formatting. Getting each book into a template, checking page numbers, headings, margins... all the fun stuff that goes into making a galley error free. *Fingers crossed*

After so many years... it is going to happen. :)
Thanks To Wendy!