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Exiled: Autumn's Peril delivered a story I couldn't put down. Once I became immersed in Caleath's world I found it extremely difficult to step away. The story is a combination of Science Fiction and Fantasy mixed in a way that intriques and captivates. Allowing for humanity's obsession with 'reality tv', the idea of manipulating a life in order to entertain a viewing audience doesn't seem so far fetched. I guess that's where we can identify with Caleath's angst. The effort he makes, to not only stay alive, but to retain his freedom while being constantly watched, makes compelling reading.
I am glad the next book is already available.
This series has become an instant favourite.
The writing style is delightful.
A realistic but medieval world creates the perfect backdrop for the rollercoaster ride. A clever twist to the genre and written with such clarity I can see it play out as if it is already a movie.
Recommended reading if you love epic Fantasy. Written with obvious care for the craft. Caleath is one character you will never forget.
Five Stars...

5 of 5 stars

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Beware! When serial snapshots collide mid-fiction, the future will never be the same. Find out what happens as ...

Caleath Invades Troubled Waters

In the fading light, Aron concentrated on finding the cave again. He could sense Sasha's displeasure and had no intention of giving her more reason to become upset with him. 

He should have taken her cape and the hare when he went searching for her. Should have, and would have…if he'd known in advance her rescue posed so little challenge. To release tension, he slammed his closed fist into the other palm and strode on.

He shrugged the heavy burden of her disapproval off his back. If she ever left him...No, he chased away the thought. He wouldn't let that happen, couldn't let her go. He'd never had a woman like her before.
Yes, life came easy for him. Whatever he wanted seemed to drift his way just by wishing. A difficult challenge excited him, but at the same time he felt the dread of not being able to measure up. He'd never really been tested.

He glimpsed the large oak that grew close to the entrance of the cave. "We're almost there."

She halted, looking tired and annoyed, but her full lips parted to reveal shiny white teeth. "About time, too." The smile transformed into a pout. Her almond-shaped eyes appeared darker than usual. "I'm really hungry. Can't you find us food?"

With one finger, he traced her cute nose. The slight hook had intrigued him from the beginning. He'd never seen a nose like hers. "It's too late, my heart. Not enough light to see."

"Can you see me?"

"Perfect," he murmured and led her on. "When I was younger, I heard a tale of a woman who lived close by―a woman who could charm everyone she met. People painted her onto a wall in Saint Eyes." He stroked her neck. "Maybe you're related to her."

"Who knows? Nobody keeps records of such things. Maybe we should go and look at the painting." She sighed. "But now I'm too hungry to think about the past or the future. This is now."

"I'll tell you the story. Maybe that will―"

"I wish you hadn't left the hare behind. That fat Boris could go without eating for weeks."

He took her in his arms. "First thing in the morning, I'll find us food. I promise." She pressed against him but he could feel her reluctance.

"I'll just have you then," she said.

He laughed, relieved her mood had lifted. "Again?"

"What else would we do in a cold cave without food?"

"Right." He ignored the complaint and accepted the invitation, took her hand and pulled her towards the entrance. He picked up the short stub of a branch and whispered, "You better wait outside in case someone or something lives in here. Come on, we'll make the sound again." They raised their voices in a call like an owl, but nothing moved.

Aron stepped into the cave and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Something fluttered and brushed his hair. A bat. At least he hoped so.

From the entrance, Sasha gasped. "Ugh. Ghastly beasts."

Aron found no traces of any other recent inhabitants. "All clear," he called.

Sasha's black shape loomed against the dark grey of the opening. "Can we make a fire?"

He embraced her and kissed her neck. "We might attract those men. They'd come to get you."

"You'd defend me with your life."

"I'd rather live and make life with you." He grinned.

She pulled away. "Aron!"

Grasping her arms, he locked his focus on hers. "I'd rather die than let such brutes have their way with you."

She smiled, then laughed. "Yeah, that Boris looks like a giant. I wonder if his magic wand is just as huge."

"Hey, you shouldn't be thinking about other men's wands. At least not right now."

With a chuckle, she reached for the leather strap holding up his pants. "Then let me see what you've got.”

He caught her hand. “I better get that fire started before I exhaust myself too much.”

* * * *
Caleath opened his eyes. Sparks erupted from his clothes when he moved in the light-deprived void. The scent of ozone filled his nostrils. A cold breeze lifted the hairs on his arm and disturbed a dusting of silt on his head. Beneath his fingers, stone welcomed his touch. The heat of benign sorcery spread through his body, invigorating each cell. The sensation of soaking in a hot bath lulled him until he sought an explanation for his presence in the new locale.

He raised his eyes and watched the static discharges ignite with the light of startled sprites. Knowing it would take time to recover from passage through a transport beam, he relaxed, allowing moments to pass. Energy flowed through him as the warmth of magic recharged his body.

Caleath stretched, closed his eyes, and cursed whoever maintained an alien matter transporter on a primitive world. Returning without access to a control panel might be impossible. He chewed on a growing knot of rage. Was this another of Ephraim’s schemes?

His need to find Nasith drove him.

With his head resting against the rock wall, he glanced from one end of the cavern to the other. A loom of light and the sound of voices bickering wafted from his left.

Caleath spread his hands against the floor where he sat, concentrating on reaching the familiar energy resident in the structure of the rock. A sentient power answered his silent query.

“Welcome, Caleath D’Tiva, Deathbringer.”

“I don’t recognize your essence.” Caleath exhaled slowly, keeping a tight rein on his fear. His continued access to sorcery came as a surprise. “What planet is this? Who controls the Stabilized Ion Trans-locator Unit?”

“We cannot answer your questions. We would give you warning.”

“Go on then. I am listening.” Caleath swallowed his apprehension.

“Sorcery, even benign sorcery, is no longer welcome in this part of the world. Beware. Powerful forces manipulated your arrival. Trust no one.”

“Can you tell me if Nasith… if others from Allorn have been brought here?”

“Nature is in a state of flux. You will meet those who can help re-order the balance. Whatever happens, you must not interfere with their quest.”

 “Nasith isn’t here, is she?” Caleath asked before the presence faded from his mind. Silence and cold stone offered no response. “Damn.”

He dusted silt from his clothes and scrambled to his feet. Delving into memory chips implanted before his exile a decade ago, he gathered information relating to the distinctive Stabilized Ion Trans-locator Unit’s after-effects.

The ozone, accumulated static, and lethargy indicated the use of one particular device. The SITU420, preferred choice until the exodus from ‘Old Earth’. Caleath chewed his bottom lip, considering the implications presented by the machine and the presence of creatures able to understand the controls. He tried to contemplate the existence of an alien species, other than himself, able to access a beam capable of interplanetary transportation. Who would choose to frequent a planet he, as a surveyor, once listed as ‘of no further interest’? Questions ran through his mind as he moved reluctantly toward the sound of bickering voices.

He was used to not finding his presence welcome, but to intrude on an argument didn’t bode well. He hoped these natives had access to food. Already the grumbling of his gut sounded like thunder as he stepped on silent soles towards their company.

Within the dim light, he watched a woman berate a male figure. If the purpose of the primitive skins she wore was to drive sane men stupid with lust, she succeeded. Caleath swallowed and hoped she wore the outfit made from rabbit and hare pelts for comfort. The garment snuggled her figure and fitted into her curves, finishing at mid-thigh. She'd bound strips of hide, fur side against her skin, from toes to above her knee, allowing plenty of room for movement and a hand's width of skin below her skirt to stir desire. Black hair, dark skin, luscious lips, and slightly hooked nose would have completed any man’s idea of the perfect woman, if not for the tone of her voice.

Her companion, tall, lanky and muscular seemed her perfect compliment. Together, with their dark skins, hair and well formed features, they made a stunning couple. The man's body rippled with health beneath leather tunic and leggings.

As they argued, Caleath’s microchip data banks uploaded their dialect to his short term memory for easy access. He could almost recognize the speech, a derivative of old English, still downloaded as part of every star travelling citizen’s education.

Not wanting to intrude, but needing information and food, Caleath cleared his throat and stepped into the light.

“Greetings, my name is Caleath.” He raised his empty hands, already missing the dragon wrought sword that no longer hung at his side. Neither of these strangers bore weapons worth mentioning. An odd trait,  but a welcome one.

The look of stunned surprise on both faces gave Caleath a moment to edge closer. In the centre of the empty cavern floor the male concentrated on the makings of a fire. From where he stood Caleath could see the damp wood needed more than flint strike to coax it to burn.

“Badger’s bite!” Springing to his feet the man threw himself between Caleath and the woman. In his hand he clutched a homemade dagger. “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

Caleath ignored his questions as the woman took charge.

“Aron, he’s not carrying a weapon. Perhaps this is his cave?”

“We checked, Sasha, the cave was empty. He’s come from nowhere.”

“Not exactly nowhere… but close enough.” Caleath slowly edged toward the pile of firewood. “I was hoping you might have food to share? I can pay.” He produced a gold coin and rolled it across the back of his fingers. Gold spoke any language. Seeing Sasha’s eyes light up, he relaxed a little and asked the coin to disappear. “You need to light the fire? Mind if I help? It’s perishing cold here.”

“The fire won’t light. We’ve tried,” Aron argued. Sasha stepped from behind him and flashed a riveting smile as her hips swung enticingly. Seeing the possessive glint in Aron’s eye, Caleath ignored her advance. He dropped to his haunches and asked the element of fire to heed his summons.

Touching the firewood, flames leapt to obey. He coaxed them, encouraging their offering until the damp wood sizzled and popped. Watching Aron from the corner of his eye, he continued to feed fresh wood into the conflagration.

* * *
Sasha stared at the flames bursting from the logs. Her mouth dropped open.

“Dratted badger, how did you do that?” Aron murmured, his voice dripping with awe and something else. Fear?

She forced her gaze toward the fair stranger, let it travel down his fine, well-stitched leather clothes. Who in Corn World could possibly make such garments? Who dared carry gold coins? She blinked then met his eyes. “Where are you from? Where did you get these clothes?”

“Is that all you can think of?” Aron said. “He just lit the fire with his fingers. Are you Merlin, still roaming Britland? I thought you died even before the before-times.”

Sasha wanted to slap him. How could he expect anyone to know his fancy tales of knights and wizards? Instead of frowning, a smile tugged at Caleath's lips. “Sometimes dying can be harder than you think. No, I'm not Merlin, but you're close.” He cast a wary glance around. “Are there any dragon lords here?”

Aron laughed. “Oh, come on, dragons probably never existed. Do you believe all the stories someone tells you? I've got a few good ones.” He lowered himself by the fire, stretching his hands towards the flames.

 “No dragons or dragon lords?” Caleath grinned and settled on the ground beside Sasha, across from Aron. “If I didn’t need to rescue a friend from danger, I think I could like it here.”

 “You can come along with us." Sasha placed her hand on the stranger's thigh. "With your Merlin skills...”

Aron scowled. “Stop trying to collect knights, Sasha. I'm glad we got rid of that Boris oaf.”

She withdrew her hand and sent a radiating smile across the flames. “Don't be silly, Aron. You're my knight.”

Caleath took a deep breath. “Do you happen to have anything edible?”

“Ediwhat?” Sasha scrutinized him. He sure looked, talked and smelled strange.

“Sorry, something to eat. I need to feed the little critters trying to repair my body. Nanobots we call them.”

Her mouth dropped open. “You really are a wizard!”

The knobbly bone in his throat bobbed up and down. “A mage. Not voluntarily though.”

Sasha's ears rushed. Joy hammered against her ribs. What a fine knight this man would make. “I'm starving too. Aron, why don't you go hunt?”

“Holy maggots, you'll never change.” Aron shook his head.

Her gaze locked with his. He'd promised to let her be herself, now that she'd escaped her husk band to live as a free woman with him.

“As you wish, Queen Sasha.” Aron rose. “If this Boris bumbles along, I'm sure you and Merlin can deal with him.” He ducked and left the cave, disappearing into darkness.

“Are you really a queen?” Caleath asked.

She chuckled. “There aren't any queens or kings around Britland anymore. If they ever existed. Don't you know anything?”

“Britland? Great Britain on Old Earth?”

“No, Corn World in Britland. Don't know about this old earth, whatever it is.” She leaned close to him. “Where are you from? Certainly not Corn World.”

His eyes darted sideways. Then he nodded as if he'd found the answer to her question. He took her hand, rose and pulled her up. “I'll show you.”

Confused, Sasha followed him to the entrance. His home couldn't be this close.  She'd explored the land around. Just trees--no dwellings. Outside, he placed one hand on her shoulder, while the other pointed up into the sky. “Likely somewhere around there. Hard to tell without computers and access to the database.”

Sasha stepped back. “You've dropped from the sky? What are you and why are you here?”

“I wish I knew.”

Sasha glanced at the edge of the dark forest and cocked her head to listen. She couldn’t hear Aron. Smiling, she sidled up to the stranger who carried a gold coin on his body, somewhere. Somewhere she would discover. A gold coin could change her future.

“Why don’t I help you find out?” She caught the hand resting on her shoulder and drew it across her breast. “No need for secrets between us.”

The stranger recoiled, stepping away as if her touch offended him.

 “What is wrong?” She smiled her most seductive smile and slung her arms around his waist. “Don’t you want to make life?” 

Caleath tried to twist out of her grasp, but Sasha refused to let go.

“What are you doing with the woman I'm gonna marry?” From the shadows lurched a giant bulging with muscles. His face contorted with scorn.


Follow the adventures tomorrow on Edith Parzefall's Blog and then the final chapter follows the day after on Francene Stanley's Wordstitcher blog

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A Collision of Characters... Coming FRIDAY...

Beware! When serial snapshots collide mid-fiction, the future will never be the same. Find out what happens as ...

Edith Parzefall, Francene Stanley and Rosalie Skinner combine forces... as two worlds collide.
Check here on Friday for the first installment. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW... or go to NEWER POST...


The collaboration of two talented authors give us a glimpse into the future of CornWorld 2222 after a flood has wiped out civilization.

WIND OVER TROUBLED WATERS to buy this new release.

"This dark, edgy novel forces us to confront human nature in the raw...with eyes wide open."

Wendy Laharnar, author of The Unhewn Stone 

My Review...

From a landslide beginning ‘Wind Over Troubled Waters’ sweeps us along with the perfect mix of misadventure and challenge on Cerridwen and Sasha’s parallel quests.  

Batten down the hatches! Wind Over Troubled Waters sweeps readers into a future world devastated by flood. Surviving a landslide, grief and desolation, Cerridwen’s quest is to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. Sasha’s quest is for freedom, adventure and meaning for her life. 
The world Stanley and Parzefall create is familiar in a frightening way. The journey through a future flood-ravaged world reveals the value of the storyteller, the healer, the quick witted and the strong. Through Cerridwen and Sasha’s parallel quests we rediscover the value of old skills, loyalty, compassion, freedom and the deeper emotion of love. 
A maelstrom of adventures and challenges contrast with the beautiful crafting of characters and settings and sweep Wind Over Troubled Waters straight onto the ‘favourites’ shelf.

Wind Over Troubled Waters.... click to read a sample chapter.

Reader's Choice: Sci Fi Fantasy Novel for 2011

EXILED: Autumn's Peril 
came in 
second place... 
out of more than 90 titles. Thanks to all those readers who took their time to vote.
Thanks to the team at Museitup Publishing who made this possible.

Join Caleath in his adventures...still available for a limited time, 
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Under Pressure... or just hanging around?

In book seven of the Chronicles of Caleath, ADRIFT: In Search of Memory
the adventures take place on a tall ship. There is a scene where Caleath spends some time underwater... well there are a few moments... but I am not giving anything way here... Only to say that seeing these sharks, and how they move through the water without being threatening, inspires me to write!
The sharks in the Chronicles aren't grey nurse sharks...
I will say no more. :)

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Just for Fun... writing Paranormal Fantasy for YA.

The Fun of Writing a Paranormal Fantasy for Young Adults...

Today I am a guest at Teen Word Factory... where I introduce a few of the characters from
a Young Adult Fantasy I am working on. Inspired by an interactive card game. The exercise is not yet complete but it has already been a lot of fun.
Imagination running wild.
Take a moment to check it out... Thanks.

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Just for FUN..

Not an original post, but I came across this again the other day and thought it fun enough to share.
 I worked out the answers, once my brain began to work the right way. 
Can you? 
If anyone needs help, leave a comment. 

This is not a test of your mathematical ability. It will however test your mental flexibility and creativity. Since the test was developed it has been found that few people can solve more than half the questions in the first try.
Many get answers long after the test has been set aside and may even get them all over several days. Accept this as a personal challenge.

Instructions: Each question below contains the initials of words that will make it correct.  Find the missing words. The first one is done for you.
1.                       26- L of A     26 L etters of the A lphabet
2.                      7-   W of the A W ………………………………………..
3.                      1001- A N ……………………………………………………
4.                      12- S of the Z       …………………………………………
5.                      54-  C in a D (with the J) ……………………………..
6.                      9 – P in the S S …………………………………………….
7.                      88- K on a P      …………………………………………….
8.                      13- S on the A F  ………………………………………….
9.                      32- D at which W F ……………………………………….
10.                  18- H on a G C …………………………………………….
11.                  90- D in a R A ………………………………………………
12.                  200- D for P G in M   …………………………………..
13.                  20000- L U T S …………………………………………….
14.                  3- B M ………………………………………………………..
15.                  366- D in a L Y …………………………………………….
16.                  24- H in a D ………………………………………………..
17.                 1- W on a U …………………………………………………
18.                 5- R form the O S …………………………………………
19.                  57- H V  ………………………………………………………
20.                  11- P in a  C T ……………………………………………..
21.                  1000- W that a P is W ………………………………..
22.                  29- D in F in a L Y   ………………………………………
23.                 64- S on a C B  ……………………………………………..
24.                  40- D and N of the G F  ……………………………….

I could add a one...
25.       8 B in the C of C ................................  :)

Thanks to all those who have taken advantage of the 'Buy Book Four get Book One FREE' offer and those who have dropped by and shared posts from the Chronicles of Caleath page!

 If anyone is prepared to write a helpful, positive, review on Amazon, Museitup or Smashwords, and lets me know, I would be happy to offer them the next book in the series FREE. Just let me know when the review goes live... contact me by leaving a comment here, or through my website at The Chronicles of Caleath

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Lucky 7 Meme... From Wendy Laharnar, Rebecca Russell Ryals, and Anita Davidson

 I am not sure if you are supposed to answer these blog posts en-masse but I don't have many WIP to call on... so Thank you to Wendy, Rebecca and Anita for including me in the fun... Here's my contribution.

 First off, an explanation of what it's all about... Each author is requested to

*go to page 77 of your current WIP
*go to line 7
*copy down the next 7 lines/sentences as written and post them on your blog or website
*tag 7 other authors
*let them know they've been tagged

 So here we go... page 77 of  'Signs' (working title) seven lines from the manuscript...

“Don’t look now, but I think we are about to have company.” Connelly’s muttered warning came while Kyler quaffed a flagon of thick brown ale. He wiped his mouth and belched, finally content and quite prepared to ignore Connelly’s guests. 

Connolly continued, “Let me do the talking. Tammy, that applies to you too. Be ready to move, Kyler. Don’t go to sleep just yet.”

“Move?” Moving wasn’t high on Kyler’s list of priorities. Sleep filled the first three spaces. Enjoying another meal occupied the rest of his agenda. “What would make me want to move?”

Now, I must find seven more authors to include in this exercise...

I don't think you can include the authors who chose you, but why not go and visit Wendy Laharnar's Facebook page, Anita Davidson's The Disorganised Author or Rebecca Russell Ryal's Blog and see what others have produced with their Lucky 7 Meme exercises.

Meanwhile.. I have tagged...
Adriana Ryan 
Adriana posted her seven lines on Facebook. :)

Thanks for dropping in.

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5.0 out of 5 stars 

"In the Battle for Enderseer Hold, Rosalie Skinner sure raises the stakes for her protagonists and antagonists. 

A chilling and riveting read from start to finish. Dramatic decisions affecting everyone he cares about lie ahead for our experienced player of virtual games. 

Caleath's journey never gets boring. Each book introduces intriguing new elements as the world of his exile enlarges."

CHARACTER Interview with GWILT...

Tonight the main character from THE CHRONICLES OF CALEATH Rosalie Skinner’s epic Sci fi Fantasy, was supposed to join us for an interview.
Apparently, he is still unavailable for a chat. Never the less, in his place we have Gwilt who has been involved in the story since the early days.

Interviewer: So Gwilt, welcome. It’s great to be in contact with you. Seems as though our main man is not available?

Gwilt: It’s good to be able to talk this way. Caleath is not here at present.

Interviewer: Never mind. We appreciate your time. Today we have managed to reach cross the dimensions and interview you for a Fantasy blog post?

Gwilt: Blog? Fantasy I can understand. Blog? Does it matter if your terms sound alien to me? I have nothing against aliens, mind, and have never let not understanding terms stand in the way of a good story.

Interviewer: Well, we are talking to Fantasy readers the series The Chronicles of Caleath. It is wonderful to have you online, willing to talk about this epic Fantasy novel. Since Caleath isn't here, would you be able to discuss the level of romance in these books. There is a rumour that there is very little. Lots of swashbuckling, adventure and conflict but not so much of the gentle art of romance. Do you see Romance having a part in the Chronicles?

Gwilt: (laughs) We can still appreciate when two people are drawn together. I don’t think that changes, no matter what else is going on around them.

Interviewer: There is that, though in this world a story revolving around those two characters is classified as romantic. I believe Caleath is a Fantasy hero, not a romantic one at all.

Gwilt: You haven’t met him then, have you? I think most of the ladies who cross his path would not turn him away, if he found time to spend in their company. At least that’s the impression I have. Mind, there are days when it would be wise not to cross his path.  

Interviewer: Tell me more.

Gwilt: Ahh, I’d rather not. Perhaps discretion is advised. Talking about Caleath or his romantic side is not in my best interests.

Interviewer: You are not afraid of him?

Gwilt: (clears throat) No. Not at all. I don’t want him to think his private life is under public scrutiny. He’s already dealing with that. Some days he deals, some days he doesn’t. Just lately, he’s been a little tetchy. I’d rather not have him find out later that we’ve been talking about him, especially if we were to mention Nasith.

Interviewer: He is not comfortable talking about her? Why is that? They seem to get along well enough after their initial animosity.

Gwilt: Isn’t it obvious? Caleath is besotted by the woman. 

Interviewer: Besotted, an odd term to use. Refers to drunken behaviour rather than infatuation.

Gwilt: Where Nasith is concerned Caleath might be better off drunk. I believe he would risk all to keep her safe. Despite knowing she cannot think of ever continuing a relationship with him, whenever her name is mentioned he becomes defensive. I do my best to make him see reason and he’s not an easy man to talk around.

Interviewer: Do you see him as a romantic hero?

Gwilt: He would never admit to such a thing, not aloud. I have seen him watching Nasith and I know better. If you talk to him, Nasith is not a subject I would broach.

Interviewer: That’s not giving me a lot to go on then.

Gwilt: Well, if you want to talk romance. Why not talk to me?

Interviewer: Forgive me, but I don’t see you as a lead romance in the story.

Gwilt: Ahh, but the real romance wasn’t actually set down on parchment. Probably because the term you use ‘falling in love’ doesn’t actually exist in our terminology. Caleath told me about the idea of romantic love. He said it was peculiar to old Earth. Most of the population of the planet strived to find their perfect partner in a fairytale type relationship. Well, if that’s the romance you refer to… I can tell you, there was another meeting of like souls during Caleath’s adventure.

Interviewer: And you have the details? Please enlighten us.

Gwilt: How long do you have? It would be my pleasure to tell you how I met Larissa. I am afraid the author of Caleath’s quest failed to realize people’s interest in true romance. Imagine neglecting to pen our story, in favor of his. Such an oversight. Still there is yet time.

Interviewer: I would be interested to hear your story. Was it love at first sight?

Gwilt: Love at first sight? I am not sure about ‘love’, but my heart quickened. Where my glib tongue usually delivered words flawlessly, suddenly I could not speak coherently. My senses beheld Larissa as a vision of unspeakable beauty. 
Her voice, lilting music, her scent as sweet as spring blossoms, uninvited my body trembled and blood thudded through my veins. From that first moment, I found every thought twisted toward arranging another meeting. Sadly, we parted within hours, but at no time since that day, have I thought of Larissa without the same quickening of my pulse and tight longing in my chest.

Interviewer: Sounds like love to me.

Gwilt: There you go. I could be your romantic hero.

Interviewer: So you could, if we had more time. Sadly our connection is breaking up. Perhaps another time. Thank you Gwilt. It has been a pleasure.
(transmission ends)