Thursday, March 12, 2015

AGENT OF LIGHT by Kyla Phillips... where fallen angels meet shapeshifting pumas...

Vayne is a light elemental and bounty hunter for the supernatural world.  Her partners, Giovanni, a capricious fallen angel, and Donovan, a shape shifter with anger control issues, work with her during their rehabilitation. During the coldest winter Cincinnati has ever seen, the threesome run into a case where temporary, and violent insanity strikes powerful elementals seemingly at random. Vayne soon finds herself the victim instead of the hunter, and working on the wrong side of the conflict.  How can Don and Gio pull her back from the brink? How will she reveal the perpetrator and bring him before the chopping block?


Kyla, congratulations on the release of Agent of Light
Thanks so much Lady Rosalie. It has been a long process to get here.

Would you introduce your characters? I know readers will find them a fresh and interesting crew.

Well I have a cast of four main characters: Vayne Andrews, light elemental and head of the team; Donovan Cortez, shapeshifter and team rookie; Giovanni a fallen angel, and Saryll a jinni.

Which one would you choose to be, if it were possible?
Oh that’s a tough one.  I feel like I should say Vayne because she’s smart, strong, and the glue that holds a diverse group of wild characters together. Still the ability to change into different animals is one I couldn’t pass up if given the chance, so Don.

What made you choose to write paranormal fantasy?
Had to. I’m a character writer. All my writing starts with some unique, vibrant characters, and no ordinary world would be able to contain them.   Agent of Light started with the team. I pictured a puma sleeping on a window sill,  a jinni curled up in the closet, and a fallen angel lounging around. Then the question came, what kind of person could lead this bunch and Vayne was born.

What is your writing background?

I started writing in third grade when we got an assignment to create a myth. Mine dealt with how the Nile River was formed by the god Ra.  Ever since then I have loved writing about mystical creatures an far off worlds. I love writing Fantasy and Scifi with equal passion.  Agent of Light will be my first full novel to be published.

Being published is an exciting journey. Have you had any moments when you wanted to jump for joy or roll on the floor laughing? Even crawl into a corner and cry? It isn’t all a bed of roses. (I should get a demerit point for clichĂ©s.)
Writing and editing this novel has taken me through more emotions than I thought I had. There were moments when I felt good. When I got a scene just right or got a smiley face back from my editor I was through the roof. My mom told me when she was beta reading it that she cried at certain scenes (not telling which ones) each time she read them.  There is no greater compliment to me than to know my writing touched someone emotionally.
Then there was the stress of trying to write a novel, work, and take care of family. When I started writing Donovan I tried to make him be a vampire because I always wanted to write a strong vamp character but he just didn’t feel right. I wrote ten chapters trying to force him into that type before I got so frustrated I wanted to scream.  I thought about giving up on the whole thing at that point but I knew Vayne and her bunch deserved better than that I so I started over and pushed through.

What are you plans from here? Are there any more Agent of Light books on the horizon?

I plan to write four Council of Light books featuring each of the main characters, going from Vayne to Don, Gio, and then Saryll.  I also have a SciFi novel that I’m working on now. My writing plate is full

Do you have any unusual marketing or promotion ideas?

I don’t know if this counts but I love libraries. My mother worked in a library and we always used to go at least once a week.  My plan is to visit as many as will have me to do meet the author talks. Starting in Akron, Ohio where I live down to Cincinnati, Ohio where the book is set, and branching off from there.

Libraries are a great place to start. I have found our local library to be very supportive. With book launches and workshops. They also loan ebooks now..

Thanks for being a guest on my blog.

Thanks for letting me ramble. And thanks for all your help shaping Agent of Light.

It has been fun working with your characters. They are indeed an unusual crowd.

Kyla became a SciFi/Fantasy addict at age three watching Doctor Who on late nights up with her mom. She discovered her love of reading and writing in the third grade reading Robert A. Heinlein and Piers Anthony and trying to create stories like her heroes.

Currently she lives in Ohio with her grandmother and her dog, Mya – named after a SciFi character. She is inspired by the musing of her fellow writers in the Entropy writing group and hanging out at Barberton Public Library.