Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ADRIFT: In Search of Memory... Join the party... Fri 21st Feb

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This sea faring adventure
 is a two part story that
 continues Caleath's journey. 

Here is an excerpt. 
I hope you enjoy it.

ADRIFT: In Search of Memory

“I do declare. I believe the bilge rat is threatening me.” Black Beau doubled over. Clutching her belly, she laughed until tears streamed over leather tough cheeks. “Throw him to my sweeties. I want to hear him scream while they tear him apart.”

Caleath struggled until a dozen hands restrained him.

“We’ll have the pleasure of killing an immortal in a few entertaining minutes, my friends. Once first blood flows, though, we’ll need to reef storm sails. Look to the sky.”

Black Beau’s crew suspended Caleath over the side of The Wayward Spirit. Below him, the ocean boiled with the energy of a hundred frenzied sharks. 

“You look into your future, woman,” Caleath shouted.

“He does go on. However, wait.” Black Beau gestured for a moment’s silence. “Hold on for a moment. What are you saying, Deathbringer? Do you dare presume to say you conjure weather?”

Caleath groaned. “Would I bandy words with you if I could?”

Black Beau laughed. “You can save yourself with a simple spell. One trick, even an easy one and I will sell your miserable hide to his lordship.”

Caleath drew air through clenched teeth. Twisting his head, he watched blood drip from the hole in his hand. An oily stain marred the water below. 

A dozen sharks propelled themselves skyward. Fear evaded him, though his eyes screwed shut when Black Beau’s men let him fall.

Adrift is available for pre order from MUSEITUP

 There will be copies available to win at the launch party. Best dressed, most likely pirate, best imitation of a whale singing... To help you get into the mood here are some sea faring images.