Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saving Lives, one Child at at time...

 When Cailyn, (our precious little granddaughter born 100 days
Smiling for the camera.
early), was very ill in July 2008 ( ten months old, seven corrected) she needed to be transferred to John Hunter Hospital, 500 miles away.

Telstra Child Flight came to the rescue.

Here she is trying to smile for the camera, despite being
desperately ill.

Her veins were is such poor condition from her time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) she needed to have a drip in her head. She also needed oxygen and even with that we often had to hold a mask over her face to give her more. She had tubes and drips and monitors and yet she tried to smile for the camera.

Lots of equipment to keep her safe and well.

 The team from Telstra Child Flight came and loaded
Cailyn and all the equipment needed for the flight onto
a trolley. She looked so tiny and unwell, our hearts were in a dreadful state as we watched the doctors and nurses prepare to take her away.

We knew though that her only chance was to be where the specialist equipment and doctors were. She needed more than the team at Coffs Health Campus could provide.

Daddy says good bye, for now.
The Telstra Child Flight Helicopter.

 It was hard to say good bye. Dad would drive down, while Mummy flew with Cailyn in the helicopter.

Cailyn was never without Mummy by her side.

While there are several helicopter patient retrieval services in Australia, Telstra Child Flight is just for kids. They operate in New South Wales and ACT. Each flight changes the lives of those involved forever. The care and dedication the team delivers is beyond compare.

They save lives, one child at a time. Each child is precious.

All the equipment is loaded and great care taken to ensure Cailyn will travel safely.

 Cailyn wears her ear muffs! She carries a Child Flight Pelican, given to each child who travels with the Child Flight team.

This was an amazing time of our lives.
Cailyn spent a week or more in Newcastle before coming home.
There were more visits to hospital, but thank goodness, she hasn't needed the wonderful team from the Telstra Child Flight helicopter again.

We see the Westpac helicopter, the Telstra Child Flight and the NRMA Care Flight helicopter fly overhead at times. Each time we hear those chopper wings our hearts go out to those who are experiencing the dread and desperate hope for their loved ones.

We are lucky. Cailyn is thriving. She turned Five the other day.
Still, every hug is precious. We remember the days when our heart threatened to break.
I guess I want to say THANK YOU to all those who dedicate their time to saving lives. One day, one child at a time.
We don't forget.
Thanks to COFFS HARBOUR LIONS CLUB, who are donating $1000 to Telstra Child Flight helicopter service.
A small club, just a few valuable, hard working members with HUGE hearts. Thank you!!
You make the world a better place.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Edi's Book Lighthouse said....

Click on the links to find out how Edi's Book Lighthouse has made my day, and my week. I am thrilled and excited and appreciate Edi's words a great deal.

EDIMENT: EXILED: The Legacy of Lathraine's Pledge

EDi's Book Lighthouse is a terrific site for Fantasy reviews. Not just ebooks, print books, movies, websites... pretty much anything that comes under the Fantasy or Science fiction heading, can be found reviewed or discussed on Edi's Book Lighthouse. If you haven't already become a follower, what are you waiting for? OK... I am biased, but I have been following Edi for quite a while and base a lot of my Fantasy or Sci fi buying, watching and reading decisions on his advice and comments.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Chronicles are featured on Edi's Book Lighthouse.

How humbling and what an honour to be featured on 

Edi is an amazing reviewer, who supports so many new and independent authors. His weekly blog post gives in depth reviews, information, competitions, interviews, book and movie trailers and a wealth of other information pertaining to new fantasy and sci fi books, ebooks, movies and authors.
I have been privileged to have Edi review EXILED: Autumn's Peril, and have him support and post about each of the books in the Chronicles as they are released.
This week he is featuring the series.
I am overwhelmed and thrilled.
Please drop in and visit. :)
EDIMENT: EXILED: Winter's Curse. 
EDIMENT: EXILED: The Legacy of Lathraine's Pledge

Image posted from Edi's Book Lighthouse.

Original image:'Point Danger Light at Midnight'by Steve Swayne
Final creation by Shellie NunnLayers of Thought

Monday, September 17, 2012

Strays of Rio is a FIVE STAR ‘must read’ thriller

From the first page the tension begins to wind up. The gritty, gutsy heroine Lisa Kerry has a dark past of her own. Now she offers a better future to a group of kids making their way through life on the streets of Rio. She isn’t to know the offer draws each of the group into the sights of a deadly adversary.

Strays of Rio explores the line between right and wrong, with realistic emotions, experiences, drama. Without dwelling on the tragedy  of life on the streets, Strays of Rio involves the reader in an uplifting look at how a simple act of charity can improve life. Living with choices though, takes determination. Caught in a war between drug lords and corrupt police, Lisa and her courageous collection of strays find survival calls for desperate measures.

Strays of Rio is tightly written. Edith Parzefall takes us to Rio, where we become immersed in the beauty and the danger of everyday life. The characters each bring to the intriguing plot their own problems, backgrounds and goals. Once the scene is set, Parzefall’s novel accelerates to an edge of the seat ride.

My advice is to grab a copy now, set it aside until you have a few hours because once you enter the streets where Strays of Rio takes place, you are not going to be able to put this one down. Don’t expect to emerge unscathed, Strays of Rio will leave you thinking. The sign of a great story.

To be released on the International Day of Peace, it is fitting that Strays of Rio explores the characters’ desperate attempts to provide themselves with a peaceful future.

Strays of Rio is set in a world we know exists but would rather forget as we go about our safe and secure lives. Edith Parzefall delivers a well researched story that is guaranteed to satisfy and impress.
I was given a pre release copy for review. How lucky am I? :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

International Day of Peace and the release of Strays of Rio!

Edith Parzefall’s Action-Packed Thriller, Strays of Rio, Set for Release on International Day of Peace 

To celebrate the release of Strays of Rio on International Day of Peace Edith has  used her novel's topical subject matter  in a media release to help spread awareness of the plight of children in Brazil.

Only the other day the news from the city of Rio centered on homeless children being targeted by gunmen.

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and Edith has captured some of the aspects of life on the streets of Rio and brought them to life in a thrilling tale of determination, endurance and courage.

International Day of Peace will only succeed in achieving better conditions for those who live in fear, if we don't turn our back on what is going on.

It took a visit to Rio to open Edith's eyes to the condition of the stray children there. There is always hope for a better future, and in Strays of Rio, that hope is woven through a dramatic and often frighteningly true to life journey.

If you are interested in reviewing Strays of Rio,
contact Edith Parzefall https://www.facebook.com/edith.parzefall

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11 and UNDERGROUND: The Day of the Sun-

 Today is September 11th 2012
Eleven years after that fateful day in the USA when the world changed in a few short hours.

The sixth book in the 
Chronicles of Caleath 

The Day of the Sun

was written around that time.

The action in Underground takes place straight after the last moments of 
INVADED: The Darkest Day.

At present I am waiting for edits to arrive and in preparation I am going through the manuscript one last time. To double check on content issues. 

Caleath's new adventure takes us into the world of conspiracy theories. 

Today is the September 11... eleven years ago I remember watching the Twin Towers fall.
Writing this chapter of Caleath's journey while those hours were still clear in my memory, made incorporating conspiracy theories a natural choice. 

In Autumn's Peril, the correlation with following the struggle of someone coping with chronic illness is clear to me, though I hope it does not spoil the story.

In The Day of the Sun, the conspiracies I already knew about and those I researched wound their way into Caleath's adventure.

The obvious conspiracy theory, the Hollow Earth  has been around for many years. There are other less obvious conspiracy theories, some courtesy of David Ike,  others come from browsing the internet, on who is controlling our planet. 

Writing Fantasy allows the author so much scope. Mixing Science Fiction with Fantasy means the boundaries are endless.

As Caleath continues his journey he is warned to leave well enough alone, but he wouldn't be our hero if he did that, now, would he?

As edits approach, and we again remember those dark days of September 11 2001 Caleath continues his own course toward destiny.
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Cailyn... Five today.

 Cailyn was born 100 days early on Sept 10th 2007.
There were many days in the first few weeks and months when only her fighting spirit kept her with us.
She came and changed our lives. Through her determination and strength we see life in a new light.
Her hugs are priceless, her smile lights up each day.
She is a living miracle and we are blessed to be a part of her life.
Today we celebrate with her. Five amazing years. Delightful days, though we never forget the journey this little girl has taken. Knowing where she has come from makes the joy she experiences even more precious.

Growing up, beautiful smile

I hope you have a had a glorious day today.
You are a Joy.
Enjoy being Five years old.
It is a fun time of life.

Cailyn at a few days old, holding Mummy's hand.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Congratulations South West Rocks Dive Centre

Winning the 
Award for 2012

I guess swimming with sharks counts as extreme sport and full on adventure. Not to mention diving through Fish Rock Cave. Congratulations to the team at SWR Dive Centre for your recognition and win.

Being able to provide accommodation, dive trips, gear, photographic equipment, professional guidance and training all in a stunning location must count towards making your Dive Centre an international favourite. Congratulations again.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sneak Peek into UNDERGROUND: The Darkest Day.

Book SIX in the Chronicles of Caleath


Book Six from Rosalie Skinner's epic series: THE CHRONICLES OF CALEATH.

Underground: Day of the Sun

Excerpt: (before edit)

Gabrielle screamed.

“Get the children out of the cart,” Caleath called. He scrambled under the jenny’s neck and pushed her hard against the solid rock, searching the cliff above them for an overhang. While the creature brayed with fear, he climbed into the cart and helped Gabrielle secure the children before more boulders bounced over the path.

He heard a voice, from further down the trail, scream. People shouted, children cried, and animals panicked. The awful scream of a donkey’s bray disappearing into the emptiness brought reality home. As the number and size of falling rocks increased, danger paralyzed many of the convoy.

Caleath lifted Bianca in his arms and leapt from the cart. With Gabrielle hugging Simon, they huddled over the children and waited below an inadequate overhang for the rockslide to end.

Beneath his feet, the ground shivered and began to shudder. He clutched irregularities in the rocks and shouted for the children to hang on to him. The dirt behind his heels sheered away from the cliff. The jenny and cart disappeared. The rumble of falling rock drowned the screams of terrified humans and the wail of frightened animals.

“Hold on to me,” Caleath shouted, as his fingers lost their grip. “By the One, hold on!”