Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The collaboration of two talented authors give us a glimpse into the future of CornWorld 2222 after a flood has wiped out civilization.

WIND OVER TROUBLED WATERS to buy this new release.

"This dark, edgy novel forces us to confront human nature in the raw...with eyes wide open."

Wendy Laharnar, author of The Unhewn Stone 

My Review...

From a landslide beginning ‘Wind Over Troubled Waters’ sweeps us along with the perfect mix of misadventure and challenge on Cerridwen and Sasha’s parallel quests.  

Batten down the hatches! Wind Over Troubled Waters sweeps readers into a future world devastated by flood. Surviving a landslide, grief and desolation, Cerridwen’s quest is to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. Sasha’s quest is for freedom, adventure and meaning for her life. 
The world Stanley and Parzefall create is familiar in a frightening way. The journey through a future flood-ravaged world reveals the value of the storyteller, the healer, the quick witted and the strong. Through Cerridwen and Sasha’s parallel quests we rediscover the value of old skills, loyalty, compassion, freedom and the deeper emotion of love. 
A maelstrom of adventures and challenges contrast with the beautiful crafting of characters and settings and sweep Wind Over Troubled Waters straight onto the ‘favourites’ shelf.

Wind Over Troubled Waters.... click to read a sample chapter.


Edith Parzefall said...

Thanks so much for this lovely review, Rosalie! I'm blushing, bursting, bubbling, and quite likely babbling...

Francene Stanley said...

May I add my thanks to those of Edith? We're so pleased that our joint effort has produced such a great story filled with good characters.