Sunday, March 3, 2019


It is with great trepidation, excitement and gratitude that I am taking the reins and making the dream of having the series in print a reality.
With the help of Wendy Laharnar I have begun the epic task of making the six books not printed through Museitup Publishing into PRINT ready manuscripts.
Wendy has been tireless, helping ensure half a million words are spaced, formatted, edited, and reader ready.
When my hope was all  but dissolved Wendy kept fanning the dying embers.
Now the flames have returned and I can see a result to all the waiting and hoping.

At present we are still double checking formatting. Getting each book into a template, checking page numbers, headings, margins... all the fun stuff that goes into making a galley error free. *Fingers crossed*

After so many years... it is going to happen. :)
Thanks To Wendy!

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