Sunday, October 3, 2010

Inspiration for a Character...

One facet of the main character's past in the Chronicles of Caleath comes from an obsession with computer games.
There are schools of thought that suggest violent computer games create violent people.
A documentary program once showed a group of young people totally immersed in their role playing games. So intense was their playing that they lived beside their computers. I think they were actually paid to compete in online games. Of course such obsession and intensity became fodder for my imagination. Imagine living, sleeping, eating and breathing in a competitive hive of computers and games. The stress, the pressure and the lack of fresh air and sunshine... doesn't appeal to me, but apparently there are those who are more than happy to devote their lives to playing the 'game'.
Would these young people become violent, through their association with violence as their way of life, even if it is a virtual life?
Can a young adult retain compassion and distinguish between reality and virtual reality after total immersion in such a Game? Discovering the quality of compassion and realizing the difference between fantasy and reality gives a lot of scope for creating depth in a fantasy character. And that is just one aspect of his past.

Research for writing is always interesting. When writing Fantasy snippets of fact can help create the most interesting scenarios. It is always fun and hopefully gives the reader some enjoyment too.

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