Thursday, May 5, 2011

Need promotion Photos? check out

As authors we are always looking for images. Whether we need real images or create images, for book trailers, covers or promotional work, blogs, websites etc, I have found a wonderful place to browse. has a huge range of images, from fantasy to nature, people, places and events. Having found this hoard of clear, beautifully presented images I can only thank Fotolia for their scope and for presenting well designed and useful photos. Reasonable cost and a site that is easy to navigate and use, makes a one stop browsing shop for finding all the images you need.
Check out the photo page I have started while working on book trailers for The Chronicles of Caleath. Not only are the images impressive and suitable, they are absolutely fun to work with.
Many thanks to Jenna for introducing me to this site. I have had an unbelievable month. Can't speak highly enough of the quality and range of the photos I have seen.

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