Saturday, July 9, 2011

July and only two months now till The Chronicles are released.

Time is flying past. September isn't far away now and with postcards and business cards circulating, the list of people waiting for Release Day is growing.
The postcards featuring the covers of book one and two, have drawn a lot of interest and some future readers are contemplating the switch to ebooks to enjoy the Chronicles when they are available.
There are those who will wait for print versions to be available. That's ok. It will happen. Not overnight... but it will happen.
It is all good.

The excitement is tempered with sadness. One of the Muse authors, Karen McGrath, a lovely writer, editor and friend is losing her battle with cancer. We pray for her peace and for her family.

So... on that note I will go about my day, soaking up the Winter sunshine here, keeping warm, keeping busy.
EXILED: Autumn's Peril Book One.. due to be released in Sept 2011.... counting the days now....


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