Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taking time out to relax...

A week in Noosa... perfect weather, beaches and luxury apartment... what better way to relax and enjoy a short break.

View from our balcony

View over Noosa

One morning was spent on a quiet trek through the lake and forest. Brilliant way to relax. :)

Clever effect. 
Dave, our guide.

Chappy, my trusty steed.
The perfect end to a perfect week. A sunset cruise.
Sunset cruise.
Then it was back to Brisbane to see Phill entertain a rowdy football crowd at The Pineapple. He had the mob tapping their toes and up and dancing. They  sang along to old favourites too. Was a fantastic night.
25th May 2013 at The Pineapple Hotel Brisbane.

Phill Skinner Music if you need a muso for weddings, parties, anything. :)

So now I am settling back into editing and promoting.
Refreshed and inspired?
Or just counting the days till the next week away?
What do you think?

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