Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nanowrimo Goal Achieved? What did you get out of this year's NANO?

First year I have entered this adventure. It has been terrific to have the motivation and support to get a novel written within a specific time.
Now I have a story ready to flesh out and edit.
Wonderful to have shared with other authors and have the Muse awake and active.
Special thanks go to Wendy Laharnar for her prompting... a few swift kicks when things were going slow, helped immensely.
Also to Robyn Veugen for arranging several Write In's where words were written and support shared. A great motivational tool.
And to Leonie Henschke and Robyn Veugen for making the week long writers' retreat in Noosa a brilliant success and enjoyable time away.
Now, to work on the manuscript and think about what to write next.

Congratulations to all who have participated in NANO this year. Even if you didn't get the whole 50k words down, I know those who have worked on their writing will have found the experience worthwhile. Well done.

I think for some there are a few hours left. It's Australia and there are only a few hours left before December rolls in.

If you have dropped in, please feel free to talk about your NANO achievements in the comments. And again...Congratulations... well done. Any word written towards NANO is a bonus.

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Wendy said...

So proud of you Rosalie. I love your winner's banner. There is still another 'trophy' to claim. Not sure if they have put it up yet for you so will wait until tomorrow to tell you what to look for. hehe.