Monday, January 3, 2011

Unveiling His Princess by Lindsay Below, Released today!

Hi Lindsay, welcome  to my blog. Congratulations on the release of Unveiling His Princess and thanks for being here today.

Unveiling His Princess was inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairytale "Princess Mouseskin". Here's the blurb for it:
When Natalia’s horrid stepsister locks in her a closet, steals her identity, and sets out to marry Prince Bennett in her place, Natalia nearly gives up hope. Luckily, she has a fairy godmother willing to guide her steps. Dressed in nothing but a mouse-skin pelt and assured that Bennett will recognize her even though they’ve never met, she sets out for his palace.
 Prince Bennett knows that he must marry his princess, but when he meets her, something seems amiss. He cannot reconcile the lively, veiled beauty he consorts with at night with the waspish princess he meets during the day. And to make matters worse, he can barely fight off his attraction to a fur-clad scullery maid. Whatever will he do?

This sounds like a fairy tale that a child might enjoy, it’s not though is it?
Oh, not at all. This is an 18+ book. It is published through Liquid Silver Books, with a sensual heat rating. While it is essentially a the retelling of a fairytale, Natalia finds herself in a compromising position along the way as she struggles to convince Bennett that she is his rightful bride.

Other than ‘author’ what are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Determined. Persistent. Stubborn. Yes, they’re all synonyms. Yes, they’re all me.

Do they define you as a writer?
Absolutely. It’s my opinion that you can’t get anywhere in this business without a little persistence. Remaining determined in the face of obstacles which might have discouraged others has led me to being published at the age of 20 (soon to be 21 - be sure to join me at on January 31st to celebrate my birthday bash. There will be prizes!)

If you had to describe the story behind Unveiling His Princess in three words, which would choose?
Dignity, Disguises, Devotion

Today is release day. How long is it since you first put pen to paper on this story?
I was fortunate that this story was contracted and published quickly. I wrote the first draft from January 15-17 2010.

Did you have a regime when writing? A special place, time, mood or do you snatch opportunities to pen ideas or write a few lines?
I’m fortunate enough to be able to write full-time. That being said, I do snatch every available moment. I like to be as industrious as possible.

Does your Muse follow rules and plot lines or does she offer ideas on a whim?
Oh, definitely on a whim. For instance, just the other night I got this brilliant idea for a fantasy that I’m itching to follow. But I’ve learned that in order to actually finish anything, I need to have some semblance of discipline. Unless I get a writer’s block, I try to finish my current project before moving on to something new.

Would you please tell us about how you decided to publish your book? Ebook v print is often debated.
Ebooks I think are fantastic, especially for a book such as Unveiling His Princess. You see, this book is a novella. While there is a chance that it might be chosen for an anthology, more likely this book would have sat around gathering dust if epublishing had not made it possible to publish such a story. Now, you get to read it at a low price :)

Would you like to share an excerpt? We are keen to learn more about Natalia and Prince Bennett.
Pushing away from him, she caught up her skirts. “I beg your pardon, Bennett, but I really must go.”
As he was left gaping as she ran from the ballroom. Without thinking, he dashed out of the ballroom after her. “Natalia!” he called as soon as he reached the corridor. “Natalia, wait!”
Thankfully, she slowed to a stop and turned around. He ogled her ankles, but quickly raised his gaze to her–still covered–face. He had more immediate concerns to be focusing on. She didn’t say anything, so he continued, “Why did you leave so suddenly?”
She glanced behind her as if she longed to continue on her way, but she answered, “I saw … someone unpleasant.”
His face turned to stone. His mind roared. He knew he must seem terrifying, but for some reason the thought of anyone upsetting his bride-to-be awakened his most primitive urges. “Who?” he snarled. “Is it a man?”
She shook her head. “No, Bennett. No, it’s a woman.”
Stepping forward, he closed the distance between them. He didn’t know what he could do for her, how he could ease her path. The trials of women were a mystery to him. “Who?” he repeated, this time gently. “I can ensure she is never invited to another event.”
The maddening woman shook her head again. Surely she understood that he couldn’t simply let the matter lie? “No. It’s perfectly all right. I am tired, in any case. I did only travel here today.”
He smiled tightly. “Perhaps I should have waited until you were recovered.” He took another step toward her. He could reach out and touch her now if he wished. And oh, how badly he wished. He took another small step and lifted his finger, tracing her veil.
She backed away. “Don’t,” she said. Her voice trembled. At least he affected her in some small way, he reflected.
If she thought keeping her virginal veil across her features would stop him from kissing her, she was wrong. He shifted, crowding her. “I suppose I’ll just have to kiss you with it on.” And he did.

Unveiling His Princess is being released today, where can we get this book?
This book will be available from Liquid Silver Books tonight after 7 PM EST. The website is

How can we follow your career?
You can find me online at, though I also love to chatter on at my blog ( and on my Twitter account ( I also love to receive email - you can contact me at lbelow(at)lbelow(dot)net.

Thanks for having me, Rosalie! 
Great getting to know more about you, Lindsay and 'Unveiling His Princess'.


Wendy said...

Fascinating interview, Rosalie.
Lindsay, I'm so glad your Determination, Persistance and Stubbornness has paid off. What a great idea to fashion your sizzler on a known storytale. Congratulations on your new release.

FireMummy said...

Interesting interview. Unveiling His Princess sounds like a great story. I like that you have written an adult version of a fairy tale.
Good luck with the launch of your book today.

L. K. Below/Lindsay Below said...

Wendy and FireMummy, thanks for dropping by!

And of course, thanks a bunch to Rosalie for hosting me! It was a blast :)

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Thank you for having Lindsay here and thanks to Lindsay for taking the time to share. I really enjoyed her excerpt too.
Happy Release Day (23 hours to go where I am)
All the best,

L. K. Below/Lindsay Below said...

Hi R. K.! Thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Nice interview Rosalie - thanks for sharing yourself Lindsay and congratulations on your newest release - Unveiling His Princess - even the title sounds intriguing.

Rosalie Skinner said...

I am waiting patiently for the moment Lindsay's book becomes available. Even though it is steamy... I am captivated by the idea of using a fairytale as inspiration for an erotic romance.
It has been a pleasure hosting Lindsay. Thanks everyone for dropping by and leaving comments. I hope to have more to add about Unveiling his Princess as soon as I read it!!

Becca Dale said...

What a great concept. I love new twists on old tales. Great excerpt and congrats on your release.

L. K. Below/Lindsay Below said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kay Dee and Becca!

Rosalie -- you may be waiting patiently, but I'm a little impatient. I'm so excited!!

Thanks so much to everyone, you're making this an awesome day!