Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Location location location....

The Chronicles of Caleath are set in a world light years away from Rampart 6. This hub of galactic enterprise and development is the birthplace of our hero and a few other characters in the tales. Here we have scope to explore an obsession with full immersion computer games, stimulant use and detoxing, experiments with nanobots, clones and fuels for star travel, It is here our hero enjoyed an illustrious career as a surveyor of planets. The science fiction aspect of these novels brings a unique mix to the hero and his nemesis among other less reputable space travellers who drop in from time to time.

  We need not travel to these locations for them to form important aspects of our character's past. They help flesh out his history and add depth to the chronicles.

Locations are vital to set mood, nurture cultures and create drama. This waterfall scene gives an impression of the pristine world Caleath must survive.
Looks though, can prove deceptive.
As we well know.

Despite the idyllic landscape, there are dangers and driving forces dogging Caleath's heels.
While he is driven to find a way to escape,  he must first survive assassins, ghosts and magic weilding mages. When he reaches the southern continent, Sharyac, his plans should see him return to his home world and wreak vengeance on his old enemy.
Book One of the Chronicles of Caleath
EXILED: Autumn's Peril will explain more...
Coming in Sept. from Museitup Publishing
Not long now...
Photos are courtesy of and Fiathriel.

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