Monday, August 8, 2011

Caleath's adventures... not long now....

The culture shock of being stranded on a planet, light years from  home and worlds apart from the technology he is accustomed to, leave Caleath struggling to survive.
After three years of planning, patience and praying for the chance to arrive, Caleath arrives on the southern continent.

Caleath began life on Rampart 6. His career began as a surveyor of planets. This task involved collecting data on planets that offered viable mineral deposits. It also gave him access to information on cultures, myths, languages, lifeforms, landscapes, and climates.

His role as surveyor helped classify the level of civilization on planets not already part of the Galactic Federation. He needed instant access to the information collected and so, early in his career he accepted the adaption of microchipping.

Linked to his identity implant, but eventually becoming part of his neurology, these chips allowed him to store and utilise vast amounts of knowledge.

Along with data, he absorbed and mastered many fighting styles and skills. These adaptions proved an invaluable asset in his obession with Virtual Reality and competing in the 'Game'.

In September Exiled: Autumn's Peril begins Caleath's journey.

The weeks and days leading up to publication have been busy.
Going over line edits for book two, Exiled: Winter's Curse help with keeping me focused. Waiting for the galley to arrive, meeting people who are eagerly waiting their chance to read book one, handing out book marks, postcards and QR codes, has been uplifting. The interest in e books and e readers is growing, even here in Australia. Thank goodness!!

Today I am trying to polish blurbs and find the right extract to  hook readers.

Like I have said before, writing the books was the easy part. :)
Now I am just eager to share the story with others.

"Hold my hand... and I will take you into my dreams"
Cailyn July 2011

Thanks to Museitup Publishing, I can do that...I hope you enjoy them too.

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See you there!!

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