Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Exciting News and A Glimpse into 'Adrift: In Search of Memory'... should release in 2013

Breath caught in his throat as he continued to sink deep into the depths of ancient timber.

If he cried out, no one would hear. He bit his tongue until blood flowed. 

The taste of salt didn’t anchor him to reality when the cool ocean invited him to leave the hulk of dead wood and travel through mysterious depths.

     Curiosity snapped the last connection with his body. Tag’s spirit drifted on the ebb and flow of each wave while he explored the harbor floor. 

     Fish swam beside him. Through light deprived depths, thudding waves didn’t cover the sound of sand grinding against coral or the clatter of crustaceans scurrying into crevices as his spirit passed.

     When a shark turned to acknowledge a stranger’s presence Tag stretched to touch the creature’s mind.
     With the force of a whip crack the shark flicked a tapered tail.

The predator disappeared into deep water leaving him alone in the dark.

I can't wait to begin editing Caleath's sea faring adventures. They must wait a little longer.

Today I am excited because in less than a fortnight we will celebrate the release of UNDERGROUND: The Day of the Sun.

Not long now!

After the battle of Invaded, Caleath searches for his friends whisked underground, where magic is scorned and shackled.
He must rescue Raul and Nasith before the Day of the Sun. Beneath the artificial illumination of a strange red orb Caleath begins his journey plagued by relentless light.

Accepting custody of a confused young dread lord and guided by a feisty Gabrielle, Caleath struggles to unravel the conspiracy holding a  race in thrall.

His journey to rescue Nasith and save Raul from being sacrificed drives him into the hands if his enemy.

Video courtesy of Shark Views from Fish Rock Cave

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ediFanoB said...

Less than a fortnight! Hooray!

Can't wait to follow Caleath UNDERGROUND.

Thank you so muich for the glimpse into ADRIFT