Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Reviews for UNDERGROUND: The Day of The Sun

 First Review for 
 from Award Winning Author EDITH PARZEFALL 

 I don't know how Rosalie Skinner does it. 

This is the sixth book in The Chronicles of Caleath, and still no moment of boredom. 
In Underground: The Darkest Day, she comes up with fantastic twists and introduces charming or chilling new characters that quickly whisked me away on Caleath's wondrous next journey.

Rosalie Skinner's beautiful prose is a treat, her imagination limitless but never out of bounds. Suspension of disbelief sets in immediately as her sci-fi fantasy world unfolds, offering new shades of dark and glimmers of hope. 

Can't wait for Adrift to be released. At the same time I'm starting to worry that soon these wonderful adventures might come to an end.

Review Received by Email from Ruth Williams
Rosalie ALWAYS creates a story in which you FEEL as if you are right there, every minute with Caleath, whether riding a horse, swimming, fighting for life or whatever. 

She has been my favourite FANTASY writer for years. I've read every book she has published, including those not yet in the public view, and it seems she NEVER lets the suspense fail in each book she has written. 

No boredom moments where you have to make yourself read through in order not to lose some important event. Want to get out of this world for awhile?

Go get Rosalie Skinner's CHRONICLES OF CALEATH!
The PERFECT answer!

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