Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Waiting for ADRIFT The Fragile Sun to be finalised.

The final publishing stresses are almost over.
We now have Underground in print!
Just waiting on the two ADRIFT books to be finalised and the galleys delivered before setting all the new books onto AMAZON and global online bookstores.

 It has taken a great deal of effort to try to format 
each book, choosing fonts, layouts, wording for introductions, oh, and not to forget creating new 
maps for those ebooks which hadn't yet been blessed with them.
Cartography is not an easy skill to learn, nor is going through each novel and placing towns on the new maps.
Still, it was worth doing for the series.
Now, to hope readers enjoy being able to follow the journey as they read.
 Creating covers was another learning curve. It always seems that once you have hit 'SEND' or APPROVE the galley arrives with something you would like to change. 
Still, they look fantastic and I am so thrilled to have had the images from Rachel Lewis photography to work with. 
Matt Bryant was a perfect model for my hero. I am so glad Phill has epic skills in computer imagery and my family are always on hand for feedback.

 Once I have a number of each book available I will try to organise a short book tour. I think at this stage I can talk about the writing process, the pitfalls and joys of publishing, how to create a fantasy world/series.

Once all books are 'published' I will post links to where they can be found online.
Otherwise signed books can be purchased from me, if you can cover postage.

BTW My old website is no longer online. Please contact me through Lady Rosalie Skinner@ (no spaces)

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