Sunday, July 21, 2019


The Chronicles of Caleath...
Finally the books are here. Now the series is complete. 

I have already sold a set of the eight books in print. 
So it's been an exciting time.
Now to get my act together and share links for other
 readers eager to hold the paperbacks in their hands. 

Seems there is still a call for print books after all.

The books will be available from AMAZON, though at present they are not available on all sites. 
UK is good, but AU hasn't yet listed them all.
Still... FEEDAREAD has the new paperbacks.
The MUSEITUP editions are available through AMAZON and BARNES and Noble... also the BOOK DEPOSITORY.
Links in the pages on this blog. I am getting there. Four books are listed today. :)
For AUSSIE readers the complete series is available from the Author. 
Signed copies, cost plus postage.
Just email me... 

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