Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat...

The idea behind Trick or Treating comes from the old custom of collecting foodstuffs for the feast to celebrate Samhain. 

Believing Samhain was a time when the door to the otherworld opened and allowed the spirits of the dead to revisit their homes, people prepared feasts, inviting the spirits to share their repast. 

The open door also meant nasty creatures could pass through as well, and to protect against them costumes were often worn. The collection of goods from families was hoped to bring good fortune for the giver, and the idea of collecting in costume became part of the custom. 

The Christian church's All Hallow's Eve/All Saints Day was the day that the souls of the dead could pass on. 

Until that time they wandered among the living, and on All Hallow's Eve they had a chance to avenge any wrongs done to them while living. 

Thus wearing costumes or disguises became popular so the spirits didn't recognize people. The custom of baking soul cakes and 'guising'... trick or treating began to be common too.

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Edith Parzefall said...

Very interesting article, Rosalie. Growing up in Germany I only knew this holiday as a very somber experience, and often the first occasion to wear a warm coat while visiting the graveyard to commemorate dead relatives. Trick or Treat is certainly more fun for children and grown-ups.