Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin or Turnip

The humble turnip was the original vegetable used for creating the 'jack o lantern' but when the custom moved to America the larger and softer pumpkin became the popular choice for lanterns.
Carving the pumpkin has been a custom in America since around 1837 to celebrate harvest time, and wasn't associated with Halloween until the mid to late 19th century.
So, there you go. The humble turnip was ousted by the pumpkin.
I would rather carve than eat turnip any day. Pumpkin though, especially pumpkin soup or baked pumpkin is one of my favourite vegetables, all year round.

Winter time, with fresh baked bread and warm pumpkin soup sounds cozy. Although here in Australia our seasons arrive in different months, our recipes are similar. Right now, as October winds up and November looms, we are preparing for a hot summer. Thank goodness the ocean breeze lifts the humidity and cools us as the warm winds from our vast interior bring stifling heat. 
Already the bushfire season has started in earnest. The pool is looking more inviting each day.

Thoughts of harvest festivals and spirits seeking vengeance are far from our thoughts as the time for Trick or Treating arrives.

The cupboards are stocked though, for All Hallow's Eve.

Not a turnip in sight. Not even a carved pumpkin here. Still... the kids love the dressing up and we enjoy seeing them celebrating Halloween.

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