Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween.. Origins...

So, Halloween is being promoted aggressively in Australian shops this year. Alongside aisles of Christmas decorations we have elaborate pumpkin lights, lamps, figurines, chocolates, cobwebs, witch motifs etc etc.
Halloween...when the border 
between the living and the dead opens...

The trick or treat custom has been gaining popularity here too. Ten years ago having children arrive dressed up as ghouls and wanting sweets was a rarity. Now it's wise to be prepared.

Looking at the origins of the commercial hype the blame tends to immediately be focused on the American hysteria generated during Halloween. This trend towards Trick or Treating seems to come from the USA but the preoccupation with Halloween dates from a different continent and custom base.

There are several sources of celebration. So although the American's have taken the commercial side of the night to levels unparalleled, they are only borrowing from previous traditions. We in Australia are competing for the precious commercial dollar and are following hard in their footsteps.

Despite the origins, some stories are quite dark and scary, fairies swapping children in their cots... etc, the spirits of the dead returning... the children seem to enjoy dressing up and overdosing on sugar.

As long as they don't bounce off my walls when they have consumed their ration of sugar, it's ok with me!

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Happy Halloween.
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RaveAir said...

Fortunately we haven't Halloween in Hungary. Maybe the kids would love it... But we have a same kind day at Easter, when the boys visited the girls' house for candies and easter eggs.

Thank you for sharing Exiled Autumn's Peril for free. ;)

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Zoltan, Thanks for dropping in.
Halloween seems to be gaining popularity here.
I am now prepared for more kids arriving each year in more elaborate costumes.
There was a time I didn't embrace the tradition, but now I enjoy seeing them have fun. :)
I like the Easter idea. Any reason for candy!
Hope you enjoy Exiled Autumn's Peril. :)

ediFanoB said...

Hi Rosalie,
thank you for information about Halloween in Australia.
In Germany some people celebrate Halloween by following the USA and that means it is mostly a business thing.

I'm sorry I did not reply your mail but I posted about the opportunity to get Autumn's Peril for free :-)