Friday, September 13, 2013

Aboard the Notorious... or "when a pirate ship docks in our harbour'

I have to say it is an exciting event when a vessel like this docks in our harbour.
 How often can you climb on and experience 15 century sea worthiness first hand?
 The incredible workmanship, the way the boat bobs on the water, despite 12 ton of blue stone ballast. The carved wooden door, the mast, the sails, everything looks as though it has time travelled.

 Some of the ropes look new... okay.. it's moored to a modern wharf. Still...
 How cool is the door?
 And the decorative rope carving?
It really looks like the 'Black Pearl' has arrived!
If only Jack Sparrow was aboard. :) Still...
Tomorrow we can climb aboard.

Thanks to Trisha and her camera for these shots!


Edith Parzefall said...

Amazing, Rosalie. I wish I could come along on board. Have fun!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Edith,
The craftsmanship is awesome.
I am so glad I have had the opportunity to experience this vessel, before the release of Adrift.

ediFanoB said...

Dear Rosalie,

thanks for sharing thoughts and pictures.
I must say I was a little bit envious when I saw the pictures. But only a few seconds. I must be amazing for a writer to get such opportunities.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Edi,
I would not like to be aboard in rough seas. Thinking about life is dark and cramped. No sign of microwave, fridge or coffee!! Still, great for inspiration and getting a feel for what life must have been like for sailors, back in the day.