Saturday, September 14, 2013

Aboard the 'Notorious'... research for Adrift: In Search of Memory.

Part of writing any novel is doing research to bring reality into your story. Even in a fantasy novel, there has to be research. Getting first hand experience of a wooden vessel is incredible. 
For Adrift: In Search of Memory, a sea faring adventure complete with pirates, this visit from the replica caravel is perfect.
In Adrift the pirate Black Betty is one of the challenges faced. The Notorious is a perfect vessel to provide hands on detail not only for Black Betty's ship, but for the Wayward Spirit and the Golden Dragon. Just a few of the wooden ships you will meet in Adrift.

These photos show some of the heavy woodwork, carvings, handrails, hatch, cabin, and construction of the hull.

Amazing space below deck. Sturdy construction, low ceiling and cramped spaces transport us back in time to around 1480. This is the type of vessel Vasco De Gama and Columbus sailed across the ocean. They aren't very big.

The base of the mast showing an old wooden pulley.
Here is an enthusiastic author getting hands on experience. :)

Thanks to Trisha for taking these great shots.
Stay tuned for extracts from Adrift... complete with photos to illustrate the story. :)


ediFanoB said...

Dear Rosalie, thank you for more pictures.

I like it a lot when authors talk about their research for books.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Research is not always as much fun as climbing over a pirate ship. :)
Thanks for dropping in.

Wendy said...

How lucky are you? Wow, your photos are fabulous. You were transported back in history without a tardis.
I wish your editor would send your edits soon. Finger's crossed.

Pam Kelt said...

These photographs are just fantastic. I see what you mean about the detailed wood carvings. I've bookmarked the page already.

What a superb opportunity. Looks as if you made the most of it. I'm so envious!

Thanks so much for sharing them.


Unknown said...

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