Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BOOK EIGHT: 'ADRIFT: The Fragile Sun' now has its COVER TOO...

Another stunning offering from Delilah!
What can I say except WOW...
Thank you!
I can't go without thanking Matt and Rachel and Lisa again.  For all their efforts in getting great photos for Delilah to use. They have faith in my writing. Their support, enthusasim and ideas through the long process of finding the right publisher have helped me immeasurably.  I must mention Lea Schizas and thank her too.Without the continued determination of these people, The Chronicles would still be gathering dust.


Fire Mummy said...

The covers look amazing! Your cover artist has done a great job. You must be so excited. The countdown is on... September is only 6 months away!

Wendy said...

Oh Rosalie,
Your 8th cover is beautiful, like the rest.

Like your Chronicles of Caleath, your covers have come full circle and yet they show the change and growth in Caleath. The intensity in Cover One changes through the series, and now Cover Eight gives me the feeling of 'arrival' and yet 'restrained freedom'.

All eight covers are so expressive, Worth raving over. Delilah must be so proud. MuseItUp Publishing Inc must be so proud and you must be thrilled.