Saturday, March 26, 2011

Comment for the Themed Blog at Museitup Publishing....

I have been asked to post this comment regarding the scene I posted on the Museitup Publishing blog.
The comment is from Ruth, who has read The Chronicles of Caleath in their original form and is waiting for them to be released by Museitup Publishing with new editing and covers!!
Ruth said:
"Here is my comment, you post if for me. I tried and couldn't because I have no url.

Reading an exerpt from Caleath for the first time here one might think this was pertaining to a horror story; it is most definitely not. The Chronicles of Caleath is the best fantasy sci/fi I've ever had the honor to read. Some of Ms Skinner's critics have actually accused the book as being 'too' descriptive, well, if one truly wants to 'feel' what the subject on the page feels as well as sees, in other words, 'jump into the story', this is the book for you. A story you will never forget and will always yearn for more of."

As you can imagine... Ruth's generous words have made my day!!

To read the extract on the Muse blog...
Scene from EXILED: Autmn's Peril


laurel said...

Your book sounds interesting, Rosalie. Will keep watch for it when it is published.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Thanks Laurel... :)