Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something... Is it one of your pet peeves?

I was just writing an article about 'polishing your manuscript' for Fantasy Faction and realised once I posted it away that I hadn't included 'SOMETHING' in my list of words to avoid.
Is it on your list too?
Back in the day,  before my eyes were opened by a note in a critique, I thought there was nothing wrong with something.
Now though, the sight of 'something' in a manuscript makes me a little judgmental. Is the author being lazy, are they keeping something from their readers, or do they really think that a vague reference is enough to keep a reader interested?
Consider if you will,
'Something made him turn...'
REALLY? What? Why isn't the author sharing their information with us? Don't they think we care? What made him turn?
Was it;
"The hint of her perfume made him turn.."
Isn't that more interesting?
"The sound of the safety switch being released on a gun, made him turn...'
You get the drift.
I could go on... have you come across 'something' that made you wonder too?

So, there might be a good reason for using 'something' sometime, but personally I think it is worth considering as one of those pesky words to be avoided. Don't you reckon?


Unknown said...

Something hasn't bothered me but maybe, since I've read your blog about it, it should. My personal pet peeve is 'got'. Then, of course, there is the 'but' or the ever present 'and'. So what is really wrong with them? I think they are used mostly in passive writing, which we all know is a no-no.

March 31, 2011

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Shtara,
But and got... and and, funny I don't think I mentioned them in my Fantasy Faction article either. 'Went' is another I didn't mention.
I will have to make a second list... it just keeps getting longer.
Thanks for your comment. :)