Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another glimpse into UNDERGROUND: The Day of the Sun

Underground: Day of the Sun
The next anticipated book in Rosalie Skinner's series:


“Makes no difference what you heard or think you saw, wolf’s head. There is no going back. I need you. You took my commission and I will use you as I see fit.” Caleath watched Raff’s dark eyes change to chips of obsidian. He waited for a reaction, hoping to find an outlet for vexation.

“What if I resign?” Raff lifted his chin and smiled. His hand dug into his vest for the coin of Caleath’s commission. “Damnation, I need to know you are not capable of the evil I felt before you returned to consciousness.”

“Capable of evil?” Caleath laughed. “Better you should ask if I am capable of good.” 

“I have seen you do good.” Raff sounded like a man drowning in surf, knowing safety remained close but out of reach. “Why the doubt?”

“Why?” Caleath turned away. Vipers writhed as he asked himself the same question. How much easier would it be to unleash power and manipulate the outcome? He trembled as temptation washed through him.

Ebony’s ears snapped flat against her head. The mare tossed her head, snatched the bit and bucked while Caleath contemplated the lure of absolute power. 

His fist, damaged where Daryn smashed the dragon token with a rock to draw him back from the portal, throbbed. Merkaat’s essence leaked tendrils of threat into his mind. 

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