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Francene Stanley talks about moonstone magic and STILL ROCK WATER...

Francene, welcome to my blog.
It is an exciting time. The ripples from the release of 
have barely settled and your second novel in the Higher Ground series has just been released too. 

Congratulations are in order.

Today I would like to talk about Still Rock Water. I have read this book and your ability to create a believable character in Liliha impressed me. 

Her situations and the magic of her moonstone ring make a great story. 

How much of your own experience have you shared, in this novel?
Good question. My reply would be nearly every part of my life. Here's why Australia inspired the novel:

Australia formed me. Born in sunny Adelaide, I thrived warm and free. In the nineteen forties, I learned to make do with what life presented, to fit in with my peers whilst retaining my individuality. Fostered by the discipline of the classroom, Girls' Brigade and Sunday school, I grew tall and strong entertaining my younger sisters with stories accompanied by my rendition of a fitting dance. School offered my first chance of a farm holiday at age 10 yrs. Mostly, I looked forward to days on the beach and picnics in the hills.

Life is so different for children now. I sometimes wonder if they will have the adaptability to survive if faced with hardship. But I shouldn't bring my imaginings of a possible future into the discussion at this point.

Married young, my circumstances changed from a life of ease in the nineteen eighties. After three children left home, I separated from my husband to work as a nanny and left my homeland, completely alone and friendless, for the other side of the world.
I love a sunburned country. A land of sweeping plains. Dorothea McKellar's words changed for me to:  I love a foggy country. A land of compact fields. Every experience along the way provided insight and material for my novels.

Liliha writes song lyrics in Still Rock Water, struggling to make an impression in the music industry. I believe it is possible to hear the song ‘she’ wrote… Comic Book Story, inspired by Christopher Reeves and his tragic accident.

Thank you to Francene for making this video possible. I am thrilled to be able to share Lilitha's song with readers here. Christopher Reeves has been an inspiration to so many, this song echoes my own feelings towards a 'superman'. As Lilitha, you, Francene, have done a great job.
What inspired the moonstone magic?
 In the beginning ... I bought the ring from a woman who sold interesting items through my craft shop.

Back in the nineteen seventies, I ran the shop from my home in Robe, a tiny seaside tourist town in South Australia, inhabited off peak by lobster fishermen. The shop already existed at one side of the front door behind a long, deep veranda. I loved that house.

Anyway, back to the signet-style ring with a cabochon stone set in heavy 24 carat gold. When I first saw it and gazed into the shimmering depths, I fell in love and purchased the ring. If tilted a certain way, a fault, hidden deep within the stone, revealed a star. This flash caught the light in a magical way.

In the seventies, all things were open to possibility. I believed with all my heart that thoughts could influence real events. During that time I proved the theory to myself when a cyclone threatened friends on the Queensland coast. The storm built up in ferocity during the afternoon. I meditated and used mind-force against the threat, over and over again. During the night, the storm dropped off the radar. Authorities were stunned. That's when I knew. If a person believed, cared and used enough emotion, they could move a mountain—or a cyclone.

And so, my imagination worked on a story over two centuries. The story expanded to three more and warped into four other novels about the future of the ring.

Francene, that's an amazing story in itself. Well worth a novel or two!

Subtle but exquisite descriptions give your novel an authentic air. I can identify with the Australian scenes and love being transported to Cornwall as well. Do you feel more comfortable writing about ‘what you know’ or creating a new world, as in the Higher Ground series?

For me, a future world is more satisfying. Imagination can take over from reality. Edith Parzefall and I created realistic characters in a future setting and grew to love them with all their idiosyncrasies. The first two books released are: Wind Over Troubled Waters and Knights in Dark Leather.

Both great books, well worth reading. :) 

Still Rock Water follows Liliha’s story. Could we share an excerpt?

Today, hope rose above despair. Now, she had to wait to see if the ring would be returned to her. The moonstone ring couldn't be the only factor when she'd helped others get out of difficult situations. Surely she motivated the action. The power and strength remained in her. She must use it to find a job and achieve every goal. Desire for routine filled her with purpose.

Wrapped in her waxed coat and a soft angora scarf, hat and gloves, she braved the elements. Outside, winds chilled her cheeks and scattered leaves in her path. At the ocean, waves crashed on the sand. A few birds cried into the rush of air.

The tang of ozone brought back memories of Robe. If she'd remained in Australia, she could have stayed with her mother close to Kaelyn and Alissa. But the idea of living in Adelaide again, where she'd spent the major part of her married life and every street corner was filled with memories, made her skin crawl. 


She kicked a shell along the sand. A sharp prick of tears blurred her vision. It did no good to dwell on what might have been. Reality bit into her soul. 

She wanted to be as far away from Gareth as possible. With his need for possession, he would have found a way to make her life a misery. St. Ives had become her safe harbor, her place to heal and stand on her own.

Who is publishing your story?

Where can we get this book?
Still Rock Water is available from:
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How can we follow your career?
You can find more about Francene Stanley at these links:
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My books:

Francene, it has been wonderful having you here today. This is my first audio post. How wonderful to have someone make your character's song come to life. It is certainly a thrill to hear Lilitha's music.


Edith Parzefall said...

Great interview, Francene and Rosalie, and a lovely song to go feature in Still Rock Water!

Francene Stanley said...

Thank you for allowing my own ramblings to join with yours. I can't praise you enough for the excellent movie you made to go with the song.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Edith, Francene,
I am thrilled to hear Lilitha's song. What a brilliant addition to the novel. Brings the character to life. :) Also shows how multi talented you are Francene.

SherryGLoag said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this interview ladies, and you story sounds intriguing Francene, You've caught my interest.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Thanks for taking time to visit. Glad you enjoyed the interview.
The story of Lilitha, her magic, strength and adventure does make great reading.

Francene Stanley said...

Thank you all for your interest. I hope I've given strangers enough of a glimpse into my life to prompt them to read the book.