Saturday, November 3, 2012

KDP program results...

Thanks for the support of those who spread the word about the Chronicles of Caleath free giveaway...
Global results are in... and it's wonderful to find EXILED: Autumn's Peril still holding its own among the paid books in Germany. :)
German Amazon English Books a week after the free giveaway began.
Top Seller in Germany for English Anthologies (series)

Made it into the top ten again on USA Amazon.
Over all the program has shown a marked improvement in sales across the series. All books have increased sales. Interest in the Facebook page has increased.

We now have around 23,000 Likes there.

So, for those interested in taking a shot at the KDP program after the second 90 days and a fair bit of promotion, advertising, blogging etc, the number of books taken on the FREE days was less than the initial result back in May.

Still... if all the people who now have a copy of the book take the opportunity to read it, or mention it to others, the results will continue to pay off.

If you have a series entering the KDP program can help kick start getting your books known. The advertising, promotion and offering a FREE ebook certainly spreads the word.

Every ripple, splash, helps. Every 'comment', 'share', 'like' and visit counts.
The other day I heard that someone from a neighbouring city had heard of the Chronicles. :)

Random strangers now know of Caleath and his adventures.

It's all good!!

Thanks again for your support.

Meanwhile EXILED: Winter's Curse is still #5 in the top ten best sellers on Omnilit. :)

* Three MUSEITUP books are in the top ten. Strays of Rio and Happiness Guaranteed are keeping Winter's Curse company! Go Museitup!! :) This new publishing company celebrated two years in the business in Oct.

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