Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bios and Cover Art info

It is more difficult breaking down a novel of eighty thousand words into a blurb of two hundred, than it is to write the complete novel.
After working on bios and blurbs for each of the eight books in the series, I decided to count the total words used in the completed books.
The total words left after I have scrapped huge amounts of one story, re written and altered the others to limit point of view changes etc, still comes to over five hundred thousand words.
That's going to be a lot of editing and line editing and checking for galleys etc.
All that will be easier than trying to pick the important story hints and hooks that will entice a reader to delve into Caleath's world.
Once the cover catches a reader's interest I guess it will be easy. That's where I know Matt, the model who portrays Caleath, can work his magic.
This evening I sent off the last BIO and cover art sheet. I hope against hope that we are given a chance to re word the blurbs etc for the back covers. This was only a mock up, website, promotional blurb.. wasn't it???
At least, glancing through each book for info... I was pleasantly surprised, relieved and intrigued that my writing seems to be ok. Nothing leapt out at me that needed fixing. No major problems with pov or dialogue or words we are taught to avoid. I look forward to having an expert eye cast over my work.
I know I have so much still to learn, but at this point in time I believe I am presenting the best I can do.
So until I learn something new, tomorrow perhaps, I will leave the manuscripts alone and work on other means of promotion and preparation.

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