Friday, September 17, 2010

Blurb for Exiled: Winter's Curse

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Exiled: Winter's Curse

Caleath’s new quest takes him on a desperate journey facing bandits, bloody battles, danger, death and dragons.  

Book Two in the Chronicles of  Caleath

The Chronicles of Caleath continue when Caleath’s plan to escape from the planet fail. He rides south alone to kill the Tarack queen. The species of giant ant have returned to their nest during the cold of winter and Caleath hopes to strike while the colony is dormant. Caleath’s ‘kill or be killed’ mission is driven by deeper needs than to help the local people. Despite his strength of purpose his simple plan dissolves after a small child begs for help. His new quest takes him on a desperate path of bandits, bloody battles, danger, death and dragons. He is no longer alone.

Meanwhile Nasith travels south with Lachlan, Gwilt and a band of soldiers preparing for the battle with the Tarack. As they travel, Gwilt voices his concern about the malevolence surrounding a newcomer to the group, a young woman who has befriended Nasith. Convinced his doubts have fallen on deaf ears, he remains alert and wary. His attitude leads to a confrontation from which neither he nor Nasith emerge unscathed. 

While winter allows time to prepare for the emergence of mature Tarack, other nefarious problems threaten the unsuspecting people of the south.

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